Can you accept being strange?

Or do you beat yourself up about it and wish you were more “normal”? I think the people that can accept it seem to do better.

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A bit if both. I’ve accepted being strange. But of course I’d like to be more normal. I can see what a lot of normies have and wish I had some of it !

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I have a big part of me always thinking I could have been more regular if I never developed symptoms. It’s like that part is in denial that I’ve been behaving strangely for so long.

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I’ve always been strange and I’m okay with it. I intentionally cultivate a local reputation for oddity. I’m the only dude walking around town with a bowler hat and a pocket watch. I wear one black and one white Sketcher for my shoes. I think they’re starting to get used to me here.


I got used to it, I think most ppl with mental illness especially sz are strange. I laugh for no reason and laugh at sad things when around ppl. Ppl think I am crazy.

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I’m not strange, I’m unique

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Normal schizophrenic

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I completely gave up on trying to people please a long time ago.

If it means being a bit of a hermit, that’s fine by me

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i dont give a rats ass for being different.
we all r strange in our own ways.
life sucks.
but there is god at the end.
i hope all the people here and the mods excuse me for mentioning god here, its just my belief.
take care.

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Just like everyone else!

(Sorry, I couldn’t pass that up.)



I wish I was normal

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I’m always the odd one out.

Have been since i was a child. Im getting used to it.
I like the strangeness about schizophrenia and prefer being around nutheads instead of normies.

I hate all the other things about SZ, especially the negative symptoms.

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I think I’ve always been a bit strange. 8-13 year olds teased me a little because of it . 13-18 year olds subjected me to some heavy duty verbal bullying .

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I find it hard to accept myself when I’m overweight idk why. I just feel so unconfident with the weight. It’s difficult to explain.

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I accept my strangeness only on society’s behalf.


I’ve been trying to get out there more lately, make friends, I made two new ones, and both mentioned that they could tell something was off about me. And I wasn’t really surprised to hear this… Yeah, I’m schizophrenic and have even worse problems with anxiety, I know what I am and how I act. Even though it has brought me to tears on a few occasions thinking about it, I just remember to tell myself I never really required the approval of other people before my diagnosis, why do I feel the need for it to the point of making it a codependence problem?

Have to love yourself no matter what. But I also realized in a very memorable dream I had recently that a schizophrenia disability or diagnosis is actually still being a very fortunate person.

not sure if i like that word tbh ‘strange’, is a bit like weird or kooky, not sure if i like those kind of negative stereotypes, maybe as a joke but if someone called me that in real life i wouldn’t like it,

I’m a weirdo. I don’t really care

I’ll admit that I wonder how it feels to be normal … I used to be together in mind…

However I don’t think I’m a freak or ‘strange’ I don’t lable myself Im just an average guy…

People are strange, when you’re a stranger.

Women seem wicked, when you’re unwanted.

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