Can we take our thinking to a higher level?

Not at all what I was talking about, though somewhat overlapping. The HPM is more the result of the failures of drugs and the peace movement to produce the desired results. Krishnamurti has been way down into the failures of the “reformers” since the early '50s that I know of. And he surely didn’t invent what he was aware of.

I agree in principle, but I have been on this planet just shy of seven decades, and it doesn’t look to me like any ladder of abstractions with more than six or seven steps on it is capable of being communicated to the purposefully stupidified who make up the electorates of most democracies. The “big topics” are just too complex and require too much dot-connecting. Humans may be smarter that baboons, but we’re not that much smarter.

Give it a shot. See how it works. But if the family cannot connect the dots because no one in it can tell what is from what isn’t, how’s the “family” going to make any real difference?

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