What is the answer to everything everywhere?

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what is the answer to everything everywhere?

I think it’s ‘do you want to get some pizza?’


I don’t think you’ll ever find that. There is no secret equation to solve all the problems of existence. Many people have created a hell on earth when they thought they had found that, witness Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Tse Tung.

The answer is simple. Why not?

:pizza: pizza wins it for me haha :ok_hand:

pizza nice but to the world its what it take for happness to stread world wide to populate he heavens…

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It’s 42. Duh.

Do get back to me when you figure out what the question is.




i’ve been waiting for that reply haha

maybe it is a number or maybe it is a symbol or maybe it is an object

what could it be? what could it beeeeee… haha :hourglass: :watch: :telephone_receiver: :moneybag: could be anything anywhere, might not even be a thing…

think, think, think haha :confounded: :wink: :blush:

should i really be asking?

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Try this:

“It is enough to just not MISunderstand; understanding will take care of itself.”

Might be, but so far, this deal (below) has either solved the problems I encounter each day or made it very easy for me to accept the conflicts and ambiguities are irresolvable (for now) (and maybe forever).

HOWEVER, I do have to add that the 10 StEPs would not work as reliably (at least for me) had I not done at least some of this stuff (below) before trying the 10 StEPs, because the experiences of getting out of my conditioned, socialized, habit-driven, normalized mind offered by these therapies seem necessary to make the 10 StEPs “work.”

DBT – http://behavioraltech.org/resources/whatisdbt.cfm
MBSR – Welcome to the Mindful Living Blog
ACT – ACT | Association for Contextual Behavioral Science
MBBT – An Introduction to Mind-Body Bridging & the I-System – New Harbinger Publications, Inc
SEPT – Somatic experiencing - Wikipedia
SMPT – Sensorimotor psychotherapy - Wikipedia

So, what it came down to for me (after years of severe suffering) was…

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Nothing, nowhere.
Maybe. Probably not.