Can we really call sz a mental illness?

They say it is partially in the genes.

We get paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, etc which gives us our label of sz/sza etc and then we are classified to be mentally ill.

We are not crazy persè, in my opinion. We merely stand in a disposition and that cause us to have sz.

I don’t like to be called MI especially since I had late onset sz. I was ok for so long. I was “normal” for so long. Most of us was “normal” till sz hit us.

Why be stigmatized if i was “normal” at first.

I’m having difficulty to try and explain myself.

I just like to hear more opinions on this. Please give me some advice or input cause maybe I need more insight.

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People get physical illnesses late in life too. Are you saying they shouldn’t call it a physical illness because they were normal (healthy) once ?


I think…from my experience, I didn’t experience my first seizure episode until I was 21. Then, we found out that it could be linked to a genetic condition. So…I think there are different onsets to a genetic disease.

I guess…we just have to keep on fighting no matter what label we get. Even if they call it a “mental illness” when there are genetic etiology available, we are strong and talented individuals who can overcome this disease. I do hate it so much that people who don’t have the disease would put such terrible stigma on it.

No matter what they label us with, we will prevail. I know we can :slight_smile:


That is just part of my thinking. I read somewhere that in Japan they call sz, Integration Disorder. Maybe I just have the definition of MI all wrong. To me MI is to be mentally unstable.

I had delusions of grandeur and reference and persecution. I looked for cameras and microphones everywhere. I believed people plot against me. When psychotic I’m aware of all that stuff although I didn’t had insight in earlier days.

So if I’m aware what I’m doing, and it seems like madness to the outside world, why should it be called MI.

I am aware although I can’t help myself accusing people of plotting against me. Then that do not constitutes MI from my perception.

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I had late onset at 35. At first it was the positive symptoms that got me and now it’s the negative symptoms. I like to think there are days I feel normal but I can’t remember any. I am ill. It feels more physical than mental, but it’s not good.

I think of myself as someone healthy but with troubles that repeat daily. I am labeled mentally ill with my relatives because of how I don’t leave the house and how I am socially.

It’s hard to accept being MI. If you don’t want to think of your situation as MI then don’t

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The schizophrenia label is highly stigmatized.
It’s about time we change the name.


it disables people but not makes him ill

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I couldn’t agree with more @Wave. It’s exactly what we need. Maybe something like Predisposition genetic syndrome

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I suggested years ago on this forum that we should rename the term Schizophrenia and call it…


It has a kind of harmless ring to it.


I completely agree with this!


When we’re in psychosis, we are definitely mentally sick.

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I’ve been out of it, screwed up, confused, delusional, paranoid… During psychosis I’m not distinguishing right from wrong but I’m aware of my every move. I feel that I’m not MENTALLY ill but rather facing intergration difficulties.

You can call it Frank or Roy or call it a bad boo boo of the brain. You can call it whatever you want to call it, but you are still going to suffer from symptoms.


I was not normal in elementary, junior high, or senior high. I was not normal as a young adult. SZ hit and then I was just a different type of not normal. But, you know what? Normal is boring. These days I’m awesome. Being awesome is just awesomely awesome. I recommend it to others.


Yeah. I was always heading to a psychosis. Although that weed helped my slow down my racing thoughts and gave me a semblance of a life in my twenties I was always going to hit that psychotic wall at 29.

I agree with @velociraptor and looking back I was paranoid and ocd as a child in grade one of school.

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Explain what exactly? Sounds like a real problem to try and explain.

I started No Lectin or Less Lectin diet and have been on that since one month.

My new psychiatrist and or lectin free diet have done something amazing.

I am more aware, or more conscious these days.

Dr. Gundry [ Plant Paradox ]

Now, I’m thinking does Lectin lead to damage that manifolds itself into multiple damages, and one such damage manifolds into psychiatric illness such as Schizophrenia?

I don’t know.

My health has improved a lot.

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Totally agree been syptom for over 8 years nearly destroyed my life was undiagnosid from the age of 15 until i was 31 and i had a severe pyscotic episode and i was sectioned for a month.I now run my own Ebay Uk business after a run of deadend coporate retail jobs and stigma when i was honest with my collegues.Iam now happier than ever and planning on going to Kenya to do some conservation work!

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