Can video games make your positive symptoms worse?

Hi just wanted to know if anyone has experienced with video games and positive symptoms if it can make your voices worse? Thanks

I whole heartedly believe it can happen. When I’m playing a game that triggers thought patterns, it can make my symptoms worse.

I have to be careful when I game.


As above, if it triggers you. Then yeah. It will do.

Nah, i think tv is much worse, especially the news.

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During my last psychotic break, I tried to play a super mario puzzles game and I got triggered but I was really sick. :sweat_smile:

Now it wouldn’t affect me, but I don’t really play video games.

I suppose it depends what your playing.

Mainly Command and Conquer games

Playing Doom would probably trigger me.

I have no issue with those.

Which is your favourite game that doesn’t trigger your voices?

Call of Duty and Counter Strike GO or Source.

No . Video games have no affect on my positive symptoms. Sounds like a load of old bollox really.

Sorry but, being a schizophrenic for nearly ten years - i really cant see how a fcking video game can trigger positive symptoms.

It doesn’t for me. I just can’t play very long.

Zombies make my heart race and I can’t sleep at night. I wasn’t like that before sz. I used to watch Dr House full of hospital horrors and blood, now I get scared just like a child. Sucks as I can’t watch lots of shows. I used to dissect human corpses at university b4 sz but now just thinking about it it scares me. Some students passed out during dissection lab but I didn’t back then.

Err - Well dont bloody play the game then!??

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I know that’s why I don’t play Doom and zombies games. I used to play Doom all day. I used to watch Dr House too, I loved it.

I think it depends on the game. Sports games aren’t to taxing on the brain. But shooters and stuff give me anxiety and kinda triggers me. I used to think playing GTA was also happening in real life like iron man or something. So now I get flashbacks if I play. Pretty much sticking to Netflix

I don’t have problems with video games, and I play them a lot.

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