Problems playing video games

I was wondering… did any of you gamers with Sz have any difficulties playing video games when going through active psychosis?
My ex-fiance had difficulty after it started. He would wander around lost and then he said it was too difficult for him. I felt so bad for him. Him and I used to play together all of the time.

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I had delusions of reference in World of Warcraft. All the cursing and trash talk going on was seen as a conspiracy to me.

I had difficulty concentrating while in psychosis. I don’t really know how much of happened when I was working. My memory of that time isn’t very clear.

I hope he finds the right medication, so you both can be playing again soon.

I think he was having problems concentrating too.
Him and I had a lot of fun together. He was great at every game we played together:) So it was incredibly heartbreaking to watch him change to a lost soul in games.

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Yeah, concentrating on anything while in psychosis can be a pain in the ass.

Thank you…

I can’t play gta anymore, seeing the homeless run around yelling “reptilian death ray, gotta be!” is just to ■■■■■■ up.

But during psychosis i didn’t have problems with playing the games but was delusional. As i played i thought my dead grandmother was using the game as a means of communicating with me, it was really creepy because i was in so much pain and she was doing that “you are so cute” grandmother thing.

And they, in my mind, kept drawing special attention to a dragon in super smash brothers. When it came out they’d draw attention to it.

And then on this other game with a roller blader going down some dark corridor i was taken into a deep hell of fear. It became a metaphor for life, this creepy music was playing and it was entirely hopeless.

That sounds like it would be highly distracting.

It’s always been enormously distracting actually.

They speak to me most of the time and are saying bad things.

Just trying to buy a sandwhich becomes a torrent of psychological abuse from hell. And on my way back they were telling me how that ■■■■ from the twilight zone movie with the gremlin on the plane was quite true.

i lost interest in those things, but you can find other interests like walking or cycling, there is so much to do in this world x

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I notice that for me when I’m really tripped out i have a lack of interest in anything.

I guess just focusing on trying to appear normal takes everything from me.

I no longer play video games, they are too complex for me. Pisses me off.

Yes, it was frustrating. It turned out to be my medicine more than anything though. Just a trade off you have to accept for managing a really terrible illness.

I feel so bad for you:( A nightmare you can’t escape from. Why are they so negative? They could at least be nice and say positive things. That would be easier to tolerate.

I watched that movie with my grandfather because he liked it so much. He said “You have to watch this movie.” My older sister loved it but that gremlin scared the heck out of me :smiley: I was just a little girl.

Yes we used to do other things too. He’s lost interest in everything but sleep.

Exactly what he is going through. Loss of all interests.
It’s so sad that this happens because you can’t distract yourself if you aren’t interested in anything.

Yes, he curiously said that too at the beginning.

I’m so sorry. I hope you are doing better now.

thats a shame, maybe he needs something to motivate him, there is a new supplement that you can take that sounds promicing but idk how it would affect him, he really needs to talk to a doc about this and ask what they can do,

the supplement is called sarcosine, i havent tried it but i heard it might help x


Thanks. I did see something on here about that. I’ll look into more.