How do you get your social life back?

Just started slowing trying to reinsert myself back into social activities in which i previously flourished. I have been told i used to be the life of the party. Now i feel akward socially and cant seem to speak or associate in socially acceptable manner. My wife consantly asks me if im ok or if we need to leave because she can see it all ovr my face. Besides the paranoia which i can generally manage (ppl talking about me or conspiring, making fun, etc) i just cant seem to be me anymore with a crowd or even a small gathering. I had a recent psychotic break and a pretty lengthy isolation period which i guess im still going thru. Maybe im afraid of answering the typical questions, what do you do? Why havent you called? Where have you been? Whats wrong with you? Which i am afraid of still. Besides all that when i feel ok i still cant seem to shake the awkward feeling or even contribute to a conversation. Does anyone have this issue? Is it just the cognitive difficulties or something else? Any tips?

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I feel the same way and avoid social interaction as much as possible. I don’t have any tips, just letting you know you aren’t alone.

I feel the same as you do. I have isolated myself. I had sudden onset. My life fell apart, I had a psychotic break, ended up hospitalized and then spent the last year living in my delusions. Now, I feel slighty more grounded due to my meds and I want to reach out to some people and socialize more but I dread the questions about where I have been and what has happened to me. I lost everything, got diagnosed with schizophrenia and now I am living with my Dad (in my 40’s) on disability. Not easy to get that to come out of your mouth. I also have a hard time focusing and paying attention. Like I tried playing a couple board games and got my ass kicked because I can’t think. I’m glad you have your wife. That’s a blessing. Hope it gets better for you. I feel your pain. Oh, I forgot, I also put on weight and completely fell out of shape after being in great physical shape for years. I dread dealing with reactions to that. I haven’t seen a lot of people since I was ‘normal’. I simply don’t want to deal with the ‘WTF!?’ Reactions I know I will get.


I feel lonely and alone at 74. Even my family doesn’t want to have anything to do with me. I am trying to accept the being socially isolated and the discrimination. Left with my own thinking. I am a heartbeat and a consciousness maintaining itself quite nicely, but that’s about it.


He who sits alone, sleeps alone, and walks alone, who is strenuous and subdues himself alone, will find delight in the solitude of the forest.


One of my fav quotes. Here’s hoping we all find delight in our solitude!


I haven’t had a social life in decades. I’ve gotten to where I prefer to be alone. This can leave me at odds with other people sometimes. It can also leave me lonely, but that is just the price I have to pay. I have physical symptoms that drive other people away. When I am around others my mouth goes really dry and I get gas real bad. If someone is making overtures to me it is almost certain I will drive them away.

I did have this issue. I found a lot of my old “friends” did not want to be friends with me anymore. I am left with very few friends but they are very strong. For a while I didn’t have any real friends. If you can manage to shove yourself into a social situation it can help.

But be careful. Easy friends are more often bad friends.

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I have been checking out for different social gatherings that I might be interested in. They even have gatherings specifically for the mentally ill. I’m thinking of checking out a couple. I get lonely too. I hear ya.

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I went to a support group and a day centre and i made new friends i have friends who have a mental illness and friends who dont i feel more comfortable around friends who have a mental illness because i can tell the truth

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Im shocking. socially. Im so bad at socialising with people in person so to say.

Its horrid.

I hate it.
Cant talk with my body but feel I may of used other bodies, mediums, or ways of socialising and communicating.
Maybe in spirit.
I reccon I am outgoing n bubbly n joke around a lot etc but not in the flesh around other people.
as such.

I seem to be quiet and cant speak to em.
I dont like when they ask questions.
Some people I dont want talking to me. Like ever.
Other people it may depend if when n how.
Others I can have tiny chats with about stuff one is doing such as " i fed so n so"
“oh ok cool” “will you feed ha tomorrow” “yeah ill do that”…

Im not ok with it really but do go out.
Those who know me know me those that dont dont. :slight_smile:

I do not have friends . In person. ( irl ) as some say.
Yet I dont entirely agree because I do have friends. Spiritually I believe that I have friends.
I may not be everyones cuppa and I think we cant hang out in person.
So even if I have some best mates spiritually as such I still canr seem to hang out with them in the flesh if i was to meet them…
Possibly we could hold little conversations or talks but if we are so close in spirit so to say then we should be cool with each other either which way and understanding if it is silent with our bodies…
or something like that.

Good t seems your wife supports you in awkward situations and understand if you want to leave early.

If I were to meet someone I want to expect support socially or better yet get “cocky” enough to fend for myself but humble my soul i suck at it n not sure if cockiness has anything to do with it.

I remember one social event i was at not long ago.
early dinner.
people asked me questions.
I was in tears.

Today a woman asked me question n said few words to me n i hated it.
Should of said “yeah good for you” " im not a chatty person n i rather you dont talk to me"
but one should be polite and dont want get kicked out … :slight_smile:
i said something like yeah it did… blaaaa

There are meetings and support groups.
Therapy works for some.
massage and meditation.
being gentle and understanding yet pushing self to go out n “give it a go”

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The curse of being high-functioning is a social life that I don’t want. I’d like to give mine away.