Can they hospitalise you for smoking cannabis?

I smoked some weed by accident and I have a doctors appointment in 2 weeks. If they drug test me THC is bound to show up. They most likely won’t drug test me but if they do I’ll be scared they’ll hospitalise me.

Can they put you in hospital for weed?

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If you just smoked the one time, it’s unlikely to show up after two weeks.

@anon9798425. But if it does show up can they hospitalise me?

I don’t know what the law says in the UK, but where I live, they can’t. It has to be voluntary.

They can’t unless you’re a risk to yourself and have expressed this

Side note lay off the weed if you can, it just makes sh*t worse


How do you accidentally smoke weed though?


People can just hand you a joint and you might think it’s a cigarette, but it’s not. Or they could be hotboxing. Accidentally smoking weed is actually a thing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Never happened to me, but I’ve seen it happen to others.

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Even if they don’t send you to the hospital, how they handle you is substantially up to their discretion. I imagine a lot would depend on how they felt about weed. - Just a side note - We might could cut down on what we have to pay for our prison population if we legalized marijuana. I know marijuana isn’t harmless, but I still think it is less dangerous than alcohol, and locking people up for selling it is ludicrous.

So, that’s never happened to me, but I would think the odor/taste would instantly make it apparent.

I handed my dad a cigarette I had removed the tobacco from and filled with mj. Oh man bad idea, they were mad and the events that unfolded resulted with me in the psych ward


Yeah, you’d think so. But I’ve seen drunk people take a few hits before they realized something was amiss. :thinking: And another way to accidentally smoke weed is when you’ve quit but, because of old habits, take a few hits before you remember you had quit. That has happened to me.

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When I used to smoke weed I told my nurse who was giving me the depot and I wasn’t really even told to stop. He just told me to be careful and not do too much. I don’t know if he told my psychiatrist because after I quit I told him about it and he acted surprised. I’m pretty sure he knew anyways, because the nurse usually tells the psychiatrist everything. If he did know, I don’t think he would have hospitalized me unless I was showing noticeable psychotic symptoms. I’ve been hospitalized 4 times, and it’s never been specifically for recreational drugs I was doing (which were a lot at the time). It’s always been because I was losing touch with reality and becoming psychotic.

I smoke hemp joints time to time. There were 4 joints in the ash tray. One was a hemp CBD joint and the other three were THC joints. I picked up the wrong joint and smoked it quite a bit. It’s hard for me to get stoned while I’m on abilify so I smoked about a whole THC joint and then realised.

Oops lol


what is this thing you’re talking about?

@tera. CBD hemp buds I bought off Amazon uk. The hemp buds naturally contain cbd (10.8%). I smoke them in a joint every now and then.

Quite often weed is not pure and comes laced with things like pcp, so be careful!

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What is pcp? I’m a regular smoker and constantly paranoid about my weed being laced.

It’s from cchr, so be careful as there anti psychiatry…

Wow I hope pcp doesn’t get into my system.

If your prone to psychosis thc weed is just a no brainer. For schizophrenics it’s almost like pouring petrol on a fire.

I know it’s good for things like anxiety and depression but it’s not good if your prone to psychosis.

I know it’s a new world and it’s just about legal most rational places but it’s important to keep your message on point and constructive. It isn’t constructive saying weed does this or that amongst a paranoid or struggling populace. Show some restraint!

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