No Smoking On Hospital Property

In my province here in Canada, you can’t even spark up a cigarette on Hospital Property. You have to walk the length of a football field to get to the side of the road where you can light up.

Is it the same in your area?

It’s the same here in Australia. We have DOSA’s which are Designated Outdoor Smoking Area’s and it’s something you can get fined heavily from. When I used to smoke it was a pain but now I don’t it’s not a bother.

Best thing I ever did for my health was give up the cancer sticks. It’s too expensive to smoke here these days. It’s like well over a $1 a cigarette! That is nuts!


You have people in wheelchairs/ IV bottles slugging through the ice and snow to get to the side of the road for a puff. It’s crazy. They used to have a designated smoking section away from doors and the main entrance, but the government has banned that.

My friend got fined last year for smoking on City Bus Property…$250.00!..and he was outside with no one else around.

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Yes, this is true for the hospitals in Alberta.
But people do it anyways- I’ve seen so many people doing it.

When i was sectioned in the Pysch Wing their was a smoking room then,90% of the people in there at the time Smoked.

It is like this in the UK. I had to quit smoking when I was in the hospital once. They gave me nicotine patches, but I could not stand them because they were making me vomit. :face_vomiting:

Although it’s like this in the UK I’ve seen people still smoke on the grounds so I don’t know how strict the rules are ie consequences of being caught

It seems like smoking isn’t allowed anywhere in the U.S. anymore. And that’s a good thing. But here they’re legalizing marijuana. How much sense does that make?

They went smoke free here too. Really sucks. I just smoked anyway as they didn’t really enforce it.

When I was first hospitalised in 2004, they had a smoking room inside!

I’m not sure about the parking ramp or parking lot

I remember sitting in my car and smoking

but this was a long time ago.

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