Can the use or withdrawal of heroin or fentanyl cause psychosis?

Since it plays on dopamine I’m just curious.

What is heroin fentanyl?

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They are street drugs


When I told my doctor gp that I used drugs they immediately were like ahh, OK there we have it… As if to say all drugs cause psychosis. Messes up the brain.

I think it can defo at least contribute

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I got mine from withdrawal to drugs so

I’m not aware that coming off those drugs cause psychosis, but you can get some wicked withdrawal symptoms that can be just as bad as being psychotic.

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What drugs were you using

what were you using?

I once took mdma. With alcohol. 3 months later I started to get unwell.

Opioids 80s cocaine too

I quit without using methadone clinics and I was laughing crying feeling like death it was playing on my mood and everything and I’ve heard it can actually even kill u if u quit without any treatment but then I was feeling better and bam voices of god telling me let’s do it my way came

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I don’t think so, but i have experience depression after the withdrawal of opiates was finished and i got sober.

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Some drugs can cause or worsen psychosis, cocaine, weed, magic mushrooms, lsd, etc

They also shrink the brain and reduce intelligence, its been proven using MRIs and IQ tests.

I once heard that opiates are more likely to cause psychosis than hallucinogens, but less likely then stimulants, marijuana and alcohol. But I can’t find that study anywhere so hold off on that thinking

I’m sure it can cause psychosis. If you think it may of it probably did. However you possibly could have gotten it anyway.

They will not cause frank psychosis, no. However withdrawal definitely can and will. Have you tried Suboxone? That’s what I’m on now in addition to my antipsychotic.

In short, yes.

When I was in withdrawal I had psychosis,

It went on for a long time because I just kept blaming everything on the withdrawal symptoms.

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There’s term in medicine “morphine psychosis” …
and by the way I personally think this is a bad thread…
You could google it out…


I think alcohol played a role in the onset of my schizophrenia. I drank insanely. One time, after sobering up from a hard binge I somehow figured out that they had pushed the button, and our missiles were headed towards Russia, and their missiles were headed towards us. I was wondering if it would do any good to crawl under the bed.

Street drugs are bad news, period.
They can trigger or worsen psychosis.