Can the pleasure from life come back?

I dont know whats wrong with me… but yeap, I dont feel pleasure anymore. I still feel my fear in my soul, so my emotions are not entirely dead. but probably,i suffer too from inadequate responses to life(happy to sad things etc etc).
I hope that pleasure will come back one day. maybe, I lack claritiy of mind too wow…
I went out today to help my mother even though it was fast :slight_smile: I was happy to show myself to the world but I still consider myself as crazy and this makes me feel guilty. I am not sure that is the right joy from living wow :slight_smile:
yeap, lets pray meds will help me to find joy in the future and a good thinking.
p.s. I am back on 2 pills of Depakote cause without it I am more paranoid and more angry…


FUTURE holds lot of potential for us…Don’t worry future is bright…!! That’s what i kept on saying to Myself…!!!

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One of my symptoms is loss of pleasure too. But it’s coming back in tiny increments.

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after how much time its coming in you @77nick77? me, I am chronical sz since 20 years I guess but Ive restarted my meds 7 months ago…
kisses people :slight_smile:

I’m 55. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 1980 when I was 19.

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I think anhedonia (lack of pleasure) doesn’t get better with time, but, you can do some physical exercises in order to have pleasure.


I’m going in three years of the same med and my anhedonia is just as strong as ever. I’m with you that I hope it changes. It’s really hard to feel like this day in and day out.

ok, thanks for the answer @brugluiz. I am telling to myself that if my fear disappears maybe ill be able to feel some pleasure one day?.. ive always had this emotion in majority-the fear. but its what makes me feel still alive, I know it could be worse(no emotions at all)… bit its still here… its what drives me crazy and I still look a bit crazy because of the fear wow :smiley: .
otherwise, I dont know why Depakote helps so much. I am still unhappy but without it I am even more paranoid and really angry wow… once my pdoc thought that I am schizoaffective. maybe there is some mania who shows itself as anger…

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I am with you too @LED ;). I was in a time someone who didn’t carried too much about others or anything. maybe the depression or maybe the sz. I still have this side. not glorious thing but maybe it can change. I am trying to not feel guilty about it, its what it is… :slight_smile: for thepleasure, it seems that we have a lot of work on it yes. but like I said, the primary maybe is to be calmer.

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Yeah, maybe you’re schizoaffective and that’s why Depakote works.

Before schizophrenia I was on Depakote once. It just made me fat and didn’t help me in anything. Probably because I was depressive and not in bipolar mania.

Maybe you can find an understanding pdoc who will be willing to work with you to find the right combination of med’s to keep you both sane and happy. That’s what happened with me. I finally happened on a combination of med’s that controls my symptoms and doesn’t make me miserable.

me too I am fat on it. I try to lower 5 days ago and for 5 days, ive lost 2 kilos… but I guess I need it in higher dose. in fact, without it the anger is consuming me, I cant handle this… plus, I stop talking etc etc… one pdoc told me that sometimes mania shows itself as anger. I ve always thought I am depressed but maybe its another issue that I have…

It’s better to take your meds. Maybe if you try a diet you can recover your weight. I’m using the app MyFitnessPal to lose weight (I lost 4 kilos since 09/24 with it).

I generally don’t feel anger. I think antipsychotics make me feel less angry.

edit: crimby has given a good piece of advice. I shall talk to my doctor about it again.

I changed my diet got rid of sugar junk food and eat well and also in a realtionship that is really supportive and i recovered to i have reduced my meds and i feel heaps better pleasure in life comes back its great

I used to have more of a bipolar disorder as sza, but it has flattened out in the last several years with the highs coming less frequently and the lows lasting much longer. I still get pleasure out of music and gentle conversation. But I stay away from most people most of the time so there isn’t much of the latter going on.


I admit it is difficult at first. I am learning to embrace the idea that happiness can be a conscious choice we make. I am finding it difficult. It is working though.