Can’t sleep anyone wanna chat?

It’s 2:45am where I’m at and I can’t sleep anyone up for conversation?

Ya, its 12:44 here and i aint in the mood to sleep though im kinda tierd…

What’s up with u?

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My mind won’t stop racing kinda anxious. How was your day?

Good morning :yawning_face:

I’ll be around for a bit

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Not bad, went to my pdoc, she decreased my depakote hoping next time i see her she’ll completly take it off… But in return she up’d my abilify…

Whats racin though ur head, if u dont mind me asking… Thats one of the symptoms i dont really get with my sciz

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Good morning??? What time is it where your at?

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Well i’m In the debate to either go to the psych ward or to a PEERS house tomorrow either way I’m really nervous about going.

It’s 8:50am, I’m awake since 4am :roll_eyes:

Yup Good Morning is correct then lol what’s your plan for the day?

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O, that sounds stressful… Its a bummer u cant seem to sleeep it away… What do u normally do for stress?

Play music and smoke cigarettes… I’ve been doing that the last 3 hours and I almost running out of cigarettes

I’ve to go to see my addiction councillor this morning

What kinda music u listen to? And ive been smoking like a chimmeny for the last few hours too, but we roll ours with a machine so as long as we have tobacco and tubes i wont run out

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Oh I didn’t know you were an addict… I make 2 years clean on the 30th from illegal drugs… I still drink though

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Right now i’m Listening to country and rock. My 2 favorite genres. I’ve thought about rolling but don’t know how

Cool, ive been clean 2 years too, no bud and no alcohol… Ive scared myself straight after my last trip on weed…

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Yea I’m a former drug addict and alcoholic

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I use a machine i put tobacco in a slot, put the tub on a little nob than pull a handle amd bam! Cigarette

Cool! I was a heroin and cocaine addict.

@Drug-Slug hope the sober life is going good for ya

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Wow! Congrads! Its hard to get off addictions, did u do NA or any other programs?