Highly addicted to the vape life, what do I do?


I’ve been smoking my juul for about 2 years. I always have it on me. I’m extremely addicted to it and it’s costing a fortune. I’ve tried patches and lozenges but they don’t help much. I have a highly addictive personality I guess. Anyone try anything that helped them kick vape or cigs?

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Juuls are highly addictive as they use nicotine salts. This is good for getting you off cigarettes but to quit vaping you should switch to another vaping system first. Then you have a much better chance of quitting that.



Yea I figure that might be the best or only way to come down.

Is this the way to do it, has anyone tried?

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Are you trying to quit or just save money? Quitting is hard



Plenty of people here have quit vaping. But they have quit “conventional” vaping systems. Not nictotine salt systems.



Both, I wouldn’t mind if I had vaped occasionally but it’s at the point that it definitely needs to stop, or be substantially slowed down. I started the juul bc I was smoking maybe a pack of cigs a week, now I’m smoking a pod of juul liquid (equivalenct of 1 pack) per day



You could try a regular mod and tank and make your own eliquid using vg and nicotine. Vaporesso makes some good rigs



When you say people have quit “convential vaping systems” do you mean theyve quit vaping systems that don’t use nicotine? I’m a bit confused



It means non juul systems

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Ones that don’t use nictotine salts and just use plain nicotine. That’s most setups on the market. Just avoid “pod” setups that use nicotine salts.

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