Can’t do this anymore

I can’t cope anymore … I’ve tired to hide it from my mum … the noises are telling me to do awful things I want them to stop … the mental health team are pretty much sick of me … I’ve really had enough… I almost have a panic attack when I see men on the street… I feel sorry for my mum having to put up with me and my bad stuff … I should be a better sister to my siblings instead of being a burden on them why is this happening??? I have bugs on my skin and all I want to do is scrub them away … I hear people screaming at me asking me to help them but I don’t know how…

Thanks for listening



Where r u from and how old are u… …???

I am 31 brosky…!!!

I’m in Australia… I’m 30

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Maybe you should go to the ER. If you’re seeing bugs on your skin and ppl screaming at you

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Hey Tezzie, sounds like you’re in crisis mode. Think you should be talking to docs about this and getting a med adjustment or possibly an admission to get stabilized. Feel badly that you’re suffering like this. Hope you’ll get help for it.



I don’t know how old you are, @tezzie88, but I used to be worse than I am now, more tortured like you are, and I thought I should be better too. But the fact is, I endured more than most people could, and it sounds like you’re doing the same.
You’re amazing. You’re a survivor. The best thing you can do for those around you is to work on recovery for yourself. The best thing I did was Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. You can’t give what you don’t have and it’s not your fault that you’re busy dealing with sz.
Take yourself seriously and respect yourself. You can do this, and everyone else can take care of themselves. :heart:


These emotions will pass. I nearly got a fit today cause I had no cigarettes at hands. I tried breathingexercises but that didn’t work. Glady i managed to get my tabacco.

One thing people with delusion dont understand is that other people are annoyed and annoying :sleeping:.
Doing so, they have nothing else to do than listen and try to help you and sometime they even get paid for listening so where s thé problem arent we supposed to love each other :innocent:

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Thanks for your help … i see the mental health team on Wednesday so maybe that will help

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