Can’t connect my new speakers to my new turntable- seeking tech advice please

Okay so today I received my new Audio Technica turntable and Sony 3-way bookshelf speakers from Amazon.

Problem is, the turntable has a basic rca output, came with that cable. I was not expecting this when I looked at the backs of the speakers:

I’m pretty sure all I need is an amp and speaker wire. I figure I could get a better amp sometime in the future, but for now would just get something cheap and basic.

I saw this one:

For those of you who know this stuff well, would this work? What sort of speaker wire should I buy? I really need only a very small spool of it.


I know you guys might have the answers, but I know there are others on the forum too.


I have my computer going into an amp incredibly similar to yours via a jack and then it goes out of the amp into my speakers. My uncle did it for me TBH. Maybe match up the red and black on each pair of speakers?

Just search “speaker cable” into where ever you are gonna get your amp from. You’ll need 2. One for each speaker


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Gotcha. So that would work, then? I realize the amp isn’t much, but I can get something better, more wattage down the road. This one is only 2x15W.


The amp will probably sound fine at low to mid volumes. Most people overspend on speaker cable. You don’t need monster cables unless you’re pumping a lot of power through them. Start affordably and upgrade as needed.


Thanks for your help, greatly appreciated :+1:.

Another question, though, sorry: to connect the wire to the speaker do I just unscrew the plastic cylinder some, wrap wire around it, then tighten the cylinder back down? That’s a total guess, just from looking at it. Or do I need something else like special clamps? I know nothing about electronics, unfortunately. I was expecting to plug in the rca cables to the speakers.


It’s hard to say without a better picture.


I just saw this when I took the pic, a hole through the post.

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Found a YouTube video, turns out I’m supposed to pull off the black or red plastic caps and put banana plugs into it.

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Depends on your speaker connections but put speaker wire through the hole and tighten down. I’m not sure of the rating or anything but and not sure of the polarity but I think you could look that up online pretty easily.


Twist the other end of the wire (exposed bit), insert into hole, and tighten cap back up to secure it in place. The wire with a stripe on it is positive (red). The wire with no stripe is negative (black or clear connectors).


Don’t buy that amp if you want quality sound

Does it work now @freakonaleash ?

What would you prefer @anon53412708 ?

It works, but the amp is garbage, way too quiet. I have a better amp coming from Amazon today.

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Okay, i’m wondering a little bit, i drove my bookshelfspeaker with a class D amp with about the same power, it was pretty loud and clear sound…

Seems to be perhaps the line level, good luck with the new amp !

( My actual HiFi has an output of about 2 x 2 Watts lol )

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Sorry for the question, the turntable has a built in Preamp ?

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