Can someone give help?


Part One

I would like to know more about people experiencing or who used to experience the symptom poverty of thought.

What was that like for you, how long did it last, and what seemed to help you through that period?

Part Two

Would you go be seen as a walk-in or go to the hospital if you were experiencing psychosis, like a sort of depressed type, but you weren’t a threat to yourself or others?

Basically I’m debating whether or not to be seen by someone for all this that’s going on, but I don’t know because all the other times I got help I really really needed it because I was bad, but now I’m just a little out of my mind and either want some sort of med change or a place to hide. Something has to change, but I’m not sure if I’ll be annoying anyone or not.

Please have a good day and thanks for reading! If you could give some advice or share your story that would be most appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t think you really want to lose your mind, been there, not good.

Get seen.

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Thanks, what I really want is a hypo mood :blush: You have lost your mind before, hopefully it’s back.

I just feel like I don’t know the right words to describe how I’m feeling, and therefore won’t get helped. But I think I’ll have to try and put forth a little effort.

ok, so if you think you have control of that, then I would go walk in nature, eat blueberries, take a swim later tonight, masturbate, and drink a cold one.


Cofirming, Daze, noted. All noted. Will do, (except for the swim part). Already took care of the walk in nature. Fine day, just not in the head. Take care.

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I would go to the hospital and tell them what your diagnosis is. You can write down how you are feeling-same as you wrote here-and take it with you. Write down all the information you can. Med dose, etc…
Good luck!

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What are you on? What’s the dosage? How long have you been on it?

Some of these meds overload us. Some of them quit working. There are lots of alternatives… IF one makes them available by seeing the appropriate experts.

(I do NOT try to fix the frecking Jaguar. The sucker is too complex. I take it to people who know what they’re doing.)

When I was going through a deep negative swing on top of being on a high dose of Seroquel… I shut down

I felt my thoughts stagnate and I couldn’t seem to get past a few ideas in my head. There were a few ugly things that just kept circling around and around…

Also I had a lot of word salad then… I just couldn’t get my thoughts in order and I jumped topic a lot… people couldn’t follow what I was saying… Or I would loose all words while talking to others.

But with the poverty of thought… came the poverty of speech too… I was really loosing it… and it was very hard for me to talk… I couldn’t pay attention to others long enough to answer their questions… when they did talk to me… I didn’t really understand it.

I just sat in my head with this feeing of nothing much going on… I was blank out for hours and hours… it never dawned on me how much time I just spent being motionless. That would scare me sometimes… just how much time passed by with out me even noticing.

The only thing that helped me get out of it was a drastic med change… cut the Seroquel by far more then half… and add Latuda and cut the Prozac all together. The Latuda woke my brain up.

Then I was in therapy to get back up to functioning… I was in CBT and my family helped me too. That is when my brain started working again.

As far as walking into a clinic for help… I didn’t have enough insight or motivation or ability to walk around very much. My brain was stuck and I just sat.

I hope you feel better… when you go to your doc you might want to mention it to him. It’s disconcerting to feel my ability to communicate is melting way.

Good luck :v:


It does that. Because it has neurostimulant properties. Unlike S/q, which is strongly sedative. But it does so at somewhat of a risk. Because introducing a neurostimulant into the limbic system of a pt who is already overstimulated along some neural tracks (as most positive symptom sz pts are) can be… over-stimulating.

Hopefully, we’re able to self-observe well enough to notice this if it happens, tell the doc, and get an adjustment.

My bad… I just enjoyed the hypomanic ride and put up with the crashes… Until of course the hypomanic became manic and I was having a universal epiphany every other day and feeing a bit high and energized all the time.

I’m on Depakote now for the mood element… I guess it’s working… It’s hard to get used to the levelness of the moods… Euphoria can be addicting.

Ouch. Getting too close for comfort, now. (Hahahahaha.)

I ran myself so hard (trying to escape the (supposed) monsters chasing me) in the '90s and early '00s that I got the really bad heebie jeebies. And I am still, uhhhhh, vulnerable. :relaxed: :unamused: :confused:

I agree ,I have a ADHD flavor to my particular disorder that has my thoughts all over the place and keeping notes would definitely help ,but I keep forgetting to do that.

Thanks, you have helped out a lot, especially when you described your symptoms. I mean, wow- your experiences line up with mine real well. Just wanted to say thanks, and that I saw my case manager at the cafe and she had me sit next to her, even though it was her lunch hour, and I told her what was going on a bit. I’m meeting her at the office on Monday. Thanks SurprisedJ, you gave me a lot of insight.

Hope you’re doing well now, take care.

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I’m on Invega 156 mg, Lithium 750 mg, Neurotin 1,600 mg, Temazepam 30 mg, and propanolol ? mg. I have been on them for about five months.

Are there any interactions the doc might have missed?

Thanks. Take care.

(Always ride the Buick)

Yow. Well… That’s a lotta “weight.” I’d have to say they’re all potentiating each other in the same direction: down. So “poverty of thought” does not surprise me. One wonders what would happen if the doc took a little bit off the scale here or there, prop being where I might start, but I have not assessed you. (Whew. Bipolar I? Think it’s more PTSD-driven or more genetic? Or both?)

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That’s one way of putting it:

Guessing @TheWorldAtLarge788’s pdoc is an Ellen Ripley fan? Holy hell that’s a crap tonne of medz!


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Thanks for the reply, I sometimes feel over medicated, and I’ll tell a mental health worker and they say there’s a lot more people who are on more meds than me. Now that’s just a scary thought. I wonder how many meds they are on (!)

I had been diagnosed Bipolar I before Schizoaffective. My Dad has bipolar I and so did his Dad.

Is the prop a big time downer, mood and thought wise?

Thank you for helping me, take care.

Then all the meds make sense. Three-gen bipolar “concentrated.”

No; more of a supressor of sympathetic branch autonomic functions (like “fight or flight” wrenching up into “freak and fry”), as are all the other meds invarious ways. The Invega is the most likely culprit on the “thought poverty.” 150 mgs is the max recommended dosage.

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Hi Kepler22b
Am going through intense fear and anxiety but still have hope that these people will leave me alone or i’ll feel better about myself. My anti anxiety medicine has helped me alot.

I have poverty of thought probably 24/7 and have my whole life. I only consciously think about things if I choose to do so. I don’t know how I would deal with it at all if I was like what other people sound like they are like where they have thoughts come into their heads consciously for any and everything they experience.

I’ve went to the hospital for that type of psychosis as you described as well as other types of episodes regarding it like inability to communicate coherently at all where I had to stay a couple of extra days longer than I should’ve.