Can psychpaths have schizophrenia?

I’m curious about it.

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Of course anyone can

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They are human beings so, yea

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Thanks, I read contrarictory opinions so I asked here. :grin:

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I think I know one.

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So does the sz make them less psychopaths bcz it disables them?

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I thought one percent of the population is sociopathic. It makes sense to me, therefore, that 1% of schizophrenics are also sociopaths


Of course there can be. In example look at Richard Trenton Chase the vampire of Sacramento.

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Wow thats horrible, I just read about him, he was also a cannibal. I think the meds were helping him but his mother stopped his meds. Never stop your meds!


The statistics are worse. Like 30% of humanity has socio-pathy I think…correct me if I’m wrong. Then multiply the two together and you get your number. I think basic probability.

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Not really supposedly they’re prefrontal cortex basically is non active

To reply to your question about psychopaths hearing voices; I would say yes; it is possible.

From Google:

Persons who are antisocial and psychopathic can also have a major mental illness such as schizophrenia . If they manifest extreme aggression and difficult to manage behaviors, they may require intensive treatment in a maximum security hospital.

Google, 4/11/2021


I wet the bed until I was 17 so maybe I’m a psychopath ha ha! Yes but most likely I’m not.

Most serial killers wet the bed until a late age ! Fun fact! Not all but a lot!

I used to bully people at school because bedwetting is extremely humiliating for kids especially teens and I was a real jerk

My ex wife was a sociopath.
She wasn’t schizophrenic but suffered with borderline personality disorder and DID.

She did awful things and had zero remorse.

At the time I was easy prey for her.

Many people with a schizophrenic disorder become easy targets.

Never again.


I’m a nice guy though now but I used to be very good at humiliating people back when I was a kid

I’m sure you were very popular…


What you don’t like me ? :joy:

People that didn’t like me weren’t as smart or good looking as me and I didn’t waste my time with them. They sucked. They lived from a long line of suckers and they weren’t as creative or interesting as me. But in general people liked me!