Are schizophrenics/schizoaffectives more likely to become violent than the general population? Anonymous Poll

I’m talking about while in the midst of psychosis here.

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Studies and statistics say yes. I think 1-2% for general poppulation vs 8% for schizophrenics.


I don’t think most of the sz/sza are violent, and I think its overplayed in general, but I do believe that if you factor in everyone, that there is more likely to be violence from sz/sza than the general population. Delusions and Hallucinations can be confusing and make you think things that aren’t true. I for example, had it in for my ex employer during psychosis because of false beliefs about what he was doing.

This is inspired by @Turtle41 's “Are we monsters” thread btw. I don’t think we are monsters, however, and I think most are nonviolent.


In reality though I read only 8% of schizophrenics are violent or commited crime. 8% is still much less than the media is trying to show. Also people tend to only hear of sz in media about crime like mass shootings etc


There is also illegal drugs that increase violence in schizophrenics. Schizophrenics who were using illegal drugs were much more likely to commit crime than schiziphrenics who weren’t using. Also being on working medication helps a lot.


SZ/SZA may disinhibit some people, or motivate some to be violent, or make them erratic or unpredictable (such as in a disorganized state), but the majority of SZ/SZA patients are not violent.


Becoming psychotic increases your chances of becoming more violent.


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