Can psychosis fool you..?

In others words can it lie too you?

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It depends on how much clarity each person has. Some schizophrenics have more clarity than others. I hear voices 24/7, and it’s easier to catch them feeding me nonsense, and logic errors, than it is with the visual hallucinations. The visual stuff is sneakier, and I have to have someone with me to ask if I’m seeing something that isn’t there.

Yes. I was living in my own delusional world, tearing up the good life I had made with my ex husband, family and friends. I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone ordinarily, I’m not one to cause drama or trouble. But my beliefs were too intense and I could not let go.

Now I’m on meds things are easier. I still experience psychosis, I think, but it is easier to accept it as such and also deprioritise its importance.

What about for you, @san_pedro ?

I fool psychosis with my meds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep my brother said my psychosis was me being gay

he is not right because i am not gay

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Yes when I lost insight it fooled me in every single way.

That was my first break from reality.

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Snap! :slightly_smiling_face:

I am bi/accept my sexuality, but had convinced myself I was 100% gay and trans, and came out to everyone

That was a small part of a very complex delusion for me. I won’t give all the details, because it involves a christ delusion, religion, blah blah.

Your brother sounds like he was having a dig at you. You know you’re truth and only you. I’ve had a handful of people meddling with me and telling me lies while I was vulnerable and trusting. Doesn’t help. I hope he treats you better these days.

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