Can nurses prescribe?

I called the nurse and she said suppose I could carry on taking the Abilify everyday again. Then I was asking questions and she’s like she has another patient to see. I felt like an inconvienve but never mind that. Can she actually prescribe ?

I hope not. I certainly hope not.

Here in the States certain Nurses can prescribe through a doctor/ psychiatrist.
They are called Nurse Practitioners.
I do know know about the UK or Europe.

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I don’t know but our clinic has two Physician’s Assistants that prescribe; one of whom was grandfathered in (because he went to school so long ago) and has only a two-year degree. I’ve had two Nurse Practitioners prescribe for me, also.

Nurse Practitioners can. But you would know if that were her title, they’re pretty much doctors.

What a hussy! Sorry she was rude.

In my country, psychiatric nurses can talk to psychiatrists for you and prescribe meds through them, if that makes sense.

“Can nurses prescribe?”

if they’re hot enough.

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I don’t think I’ve ever got a prescription from a nurse.

In Florida, ARNPs and PAs can prescribe most medications (narcotics is a class of medications that they cannot prescribe).

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Both my pdoc and my regular doc are Nurse Practitioners (ARNP’s) and they both prescribe. A regular RN can’t prescribe. She could only call in a Rx on behalf of the Dr. but the Dr. must prescribe.

Currently, I get my psych meds from a Nurse Specialist. In the past, I’ve sometimes gotten my meds from Nurse Practitioners.

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It’s rare that an actual physician prescribes for me anymore, and especially not if it’s a maintenance drug, one that I’ve been on a while. It’s almost always a nurse. I’m in the US, so rules may vary here.

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Certain nurses with advanced training in diagnostics and pharmacology can diagnose and prescribe, under the supervision of a licensed M.D. These are called Nurse Practitioners or N.P’s.