Can my speech improve?

I talk few since child… its makes me feel stupid but ill try not ti think of me as a dummie… its not a depression I guess, its more the negative symptoms of sz. I lack confidence in myself too but sometimes I am just insecure about the reality. how is your speech in your case? theres no miracles, I know. I just should be patient. socializing more can help me more I guess…:slight_smile:
but can it improve? or ill have troubles speaking till the end of my life, wow?
hugs you all :kissing_heart:

Reading and writing can help. My hobby of poetry definitely improved my speech.

I started writing with journal entries.

Yes your speech can improve :blush:

I started volunteering as a peer supporter!

It’s making me more socially aware!

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Exercise can repair brain damage, which psychosis causes. Your brain can heal by itself, but physical activity helps.


Practice is really the only way to get better at this. You can slowly strengthen your ability to speak by socializing more. I know it frightens you, but it would help you so much.

Reading fiction has greatly improved my ability to speak to people again. A book a day keeps the social anxiety away.

My speech is getting better on a lower dise of Seroquel or perhaps it is the higher dose rexulti? For me it might be meducation induced.

That is awesome news!

There is an organization called Toastmasters which will help with your speaking difficulties. They are a public speaking club except it is very supportive. I was in it a good 15 years. Also, some people are just quiet. It used to bother me that I would not speak, but sometimes I prefer to be quiet because you will know more of what is going on than the life of the party.

I also read that people with the illness tend to be quiet when in a group setting.  Do not worry about talking, just follow the conversation.
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