My goal is to go back to study by january/ febuary

I want to be a doctor. I feel this fire in my soul and passion. I’m not going to let anything stop me. I’m not going to mental illness control my life.


Chances are you probably aren’t qualified to be a doctor. Most states ask you about your mental health records and would disqualify you for being schizophrenic. Either way you need to take your meds and get better before you can think about getting a job…

Way to squash her dreams… I say study and see where it leads, there’s many other professions in the medical field if doctors in fact can’t have sz. Not to mention that going to school is great for recovery within itself.

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I actually don’t have sz anyway. I have ptsd with psychotic features.

Listen @princess I know plenty of crazy doctors.

One could say that doctors working in psychiatry are almost exclusively crazy.

If you really want to pursue this, work hard, and see it to an end,

It is attainable.

However, you may not want to.

Personally, I’d prefer being a nurse over a doctor.

You really get to know your patients better and are the actual provider of care.

Not to mention the reduced legal responsibilities.


Keep us posted on any developments!

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Sounds unrealistic. How good were your grades in your undergrad? I don’t know how old you are, but going to medical school then doing extra four years to become a psychiatrist would likely rack up several hundred thousands dollars of debt. If you quit mid way during medical school because of symptoms, you lose all you have worked for. It is extremely risky. It is good to pursue your dreams, but you also have to be realistic.

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This is really a great attitude @princess!

You know what? This is not impossible!

When I began to take an antipsychotic, I was poor and a psychologist told me that I was having to climb to get out of the hole was into. That’s what I did. I came back studying and after, I found quickly a job. Now I’m a software developer since 2015. I became healthy in 2013 after 12 years of sick

If I could do it, why not you also? :slightly_smiling_face:
All that you have to do is to give the best of yourself and never give up! :wink:


Its a long road @princess

well I’m not sure about new Zealand.

but here in America its like 10 years of school, and only specialty doctors make BANK anymore.

but I say go for it!!! I’m just warning you its not easy

I think I would make a great psychiatrist given all I know about meds, and my experiences with SZ, but the schooling is insurmountable for me!!! I am not a school person, but I can be an environmental studies major I think. Good luck @princess

may you be the best doctor in all of new Zealand!! :balloon:

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PTSD is treatable with a combination of talking therapy and medication. Because it is about repairing psychological functioning rather than treating a long-term chronic and relapsing mental illness as sz is, doctors can rehabilitate you in a short period of time. Work with your doctors and the prognosis will be complete recovery. It may not feel like it now, but you are lucky you do not have Schizophrenia. That is a big plus in your favour.

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Thanks guys. I actually started the premed course in 2015 and did 2 mid terms one being 100% for cells and 92% for human biology ! I know I can do it if I’m well. But mid way during the course I became Ill. I think I had too much pressure put on me. I was looking after a 2 year old by myself. I had a 3 bedroomph house for me and just him and it was hard to keep up. My money situation was bad.

But now I can go there alone and flat (cause it has to be in a different city). I know my son is in a good place better than I could take care of him anyway.

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But for some reason mental illness feels as if my iq has decreased!

If you don’t use it you loose it, you never know like me you might discover that your capable of a lot more than you think!

  • assistive software they gave me has helped a lot!
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Thanks @JH85 :blush: much appreciated