Can hallucinations completely cover up what's really happening?

I was just wondering if anyone knew if you could have a conversation but in reality they’re saying something completely different than what you’re hearing… or maybe you see someone moving around but really they’re two feet over and sitting still. To sum it up can psychosis delete stuff? Thanks.

I strongly believe that the world outside of our body is formatted to be objective to the human mind. If something is happening that doesn’t seem right, it could just be miscues in the brain. I get a lot of miscues - my mind anthropomorphizing various sounds and such unnecessarily.

You mean you misinterpreting reality, or your hallucinations are misinterpreting your reality?

You see two different things at once?

My hallucinations mimic life, but they are a separate entity. They just think they are real.

YES… there are times… my family was talking… and I was SURE they were talking about me like I was dead… and I was sitting right there at the same table… but my brain was twisting the conversation…

There used to be times were they weren’t saying anything at all… but I was hearing them… thinking too loud.

For a while… it looked like everyone was floating… just a few inches off the ground…
the horizon line was all messed up in my mind.

Floor turned to water and was wet when I was psychotic.

I have conversations with people, and afterward I remember like five different versions of the conversation. I’m not sure which one is the real one. My friends are pretty understanding about it.