Can cannabis help schizophrenia?

I know thc is psychoactive and causes psychosis in a high amount, or to those predisposed to schizophrenia, but…

I feel like strains with more cbd than thc could help. Maybe it would make me feel good. Help to pass the time.

But I’m not gonna buy street weed. Could be laced, plus most of it is skunk which has too much thc.

I hope cannabis gets legalized in the UK. When that day comes, then maybe I will try it.

Cbd weed just made me sleepy. Ppl say its good for anxiety and sleep.

I dont think it helps schizophrenia, it didnt for me.

It made my voices louder in my head…

I like it because it helps me to not feel so down all the time and sleep my life away. I get things done and don’t procrastinate. I don’t think anything will ever take my voices away but it makes them a bit more tolerable.

I take CBD isolate gummies. They are lab-certified to have zero THC. I know it’s true because I have been drug tested a few times and always come back negative for THC.


Does weed help mend a broken heart?

I get better effects from CBG than CBD.

Thc weed makes me too dumb.

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Judging by my sister, no, it just made her depressed for longer becaise she was too high to go get new hobbies to distract her.

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i tried cbd joints, it didnt really do anything for me but i know people who use the cbd oils and it helps there anxiety. whether subjective or not it seems to help them.

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Well weed wasnt made legal in nz after a vote so its gonna be hard to get the cbd only weed which I wanted to try.

Does it make you tired of give you the munchies?

Sorry. I hope you can heal your broken heart. Therapy helps.

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Why do women flirt with guys when they have a partner?

Different reasons. The big one is that girls are raised to be friendly to everyone, and are more comfortable being openly affectionate with friends. So they think they are just being friendly, but guys frequently interpret it as flirting. When they do it intentionally, it could be because they like the guy and want to see if he’s receptive before breaking up with their current guy. It could be because they enjoy attention. It could be because they aren’t monogamous. It could be a lot of things.


it didnt make me tired or hungry. my friends who use it said they just feel calmer from it.


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I’ve had gummies before with 20mg cbd each. I think most people experience a placebo effect. 20mg cbd is not enough.

Ahh yeah that is pretty blatant. Unless she maybe just felt itchy and doesn’t have good manners.

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