Can Aspergers be diagnosed late in life?

I really feel my dad has this he is 57. He used to be just so organised. Bills used to be paid on time. Lately he has hit what seems like depression. He does not pick up social cues very well. He never has. We all get frustrated with him for this not just me. We get so angry. I can’t help it and I feel really bad. Like for instance he keeps talking even though the other party has longed stopped listening. He repeats himself several times or what others say. Some I am just trying to understand him but sometimes it’s so difficult because it’s so hard to get through to him. My mum and bro and me are always angry at him because in social situations he does not stop talking. Then there the jokes. He makes them and laughs and no one else does. Because it’s not appropriate.

Yes it can, but usually isn’t. To clarify this- let me ask you something- is only the depression new or has he always done the other behaviors? You said he has always done one of them.

I have aspergers and have always shown signs, it blossomed when I was 20. I had the symptoms other than social deficits before age 20, so go figure. I then became socially broken. It wasn’t just the schizophrenia, with it medicated and treated well, I still displayed and still do display symptoms.

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I have four family members on the autism spectrum. Aspergers is not nearly as noticeable as autism, and can easily go unnoticed until later in life if the person is high functioning and has lead a fairly normal life. Symptoms could become more apparent during transitional periods or during extreme stress as well as depressions etc.

However, there are tons of people out there who are fairly normal and struggle with social cues for a number of reasons. It’s important to stay calm and focus on trying to have more of the happy moments, than getting upset about the times that are frustrating.

Age can also be very hard on your head sometimes, too.

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Everything else is still there except he’s no longer organised and misses bills. I’ve told him to go to the Drs get a sick note and take two weeks off. I wonder how he can even work like this.

The depression is new though but I have noticed he repeats himself more. When having a conversation and I’m talking he will also repeat what I say.

Sounds like

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Psychiatrists can easily test for ASD. Get him to one and have him tested. Either that, or a clinical shrink, perhaps an evaluator. That’s what they do- they can do it for him pretty easily.

And in my opinion it sounds like he has ASD. Seriously.

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Thanks Mouse he’s seeing a psychologist it was his first visit recently. So hopefully they will diagnose and help him.

They can but the relevant phrase is " If they want to". I had an appointment to discuss issues which I had mentioned to my care co ordinator(aspergers? dyspraxia? non verbal learning disorder?) and was dismissed after being asked a couple of irrelevant questions.
Because of being labelled awkward,demanding and troublesome in the past for seeking more help and being treated abusively/badly I’ve been reluctant to pursue the issue.
Yes they can easily test but they have to want to do so.

Well at 57 you can have Senior moments. If there has been a sudden change in organization it may be aging or early Alzheimer, etc. If he has aspergers but was functional before, a new issue may have emerged, like depression you mentioned. You can’t change someone’s personality, you may have to live with the bad jokes.

Does he acknowledge the new depression? If so maybe you can coax him into an evaluation by saying there are meds to help cheer you up. Its just temporary, maybe it will help etc???
Being angry at someone will not help them. Have you explained this to your Mum and Bro?

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