Concerned for my dad


It did cross my mind before but I am recently thinking about it more seriously. My dad has issues picking up social cues we get very frustrated with him. He doesn’t get when to stop talking and what to say and what not to say and when to change subject. Sometimes he is very direct which isn’t a good thing because just because he feels he is right doesn’t mean he necessarily is. His eye contact is there but he has learning difficulties. He is a very anxious person naturally. And I was thinking aspergers but I have no right to diagnose this.


I just want to add that it may be generational too. I see my dad and his friends saying the oddest things in public. They get to a certain age and they just don’t care anymore, they have their opinion on things and that’s how it is. You can’t argue with them or discuss things, they are right no matter what. Or, maybe he is slipping into dementia and is anxious over it, in denial so he’s over compensating.


It’s better than the silent treatment.


I think this is something most people struggle with and is fairly common.