Can anyone share with me any experience they've had with ECT?

I have half a mind to take some of the money I inherited from my mother and spending it on electroconvulive therapy. I have psychiatric problems that just will not yield to any form of treatment. ECT is about my last hope.

Nuerofeedback? It’s something different and won’t fry your brain.

As far as I know they only give people ECT in my country for catatonia and severe treatment resistant depression!

Have you searched the forum for some pro ect threads?

No. I haven’t. There was one young woman on this site who was getting regular ECT treatments. I wish I had talked to her more in depth.

Pm her?
If she has the same email she’ll get a notification :wink:

I can’t remember her name. I should have paid closer attention.

Was it @jenn77

If not do a search on the forum for etc.

I don’t think so. I’ll check it out.

Electroconvulsive therapy is dangerous, causes loss of brain cells. Please spend your money wisely. Better to spend them on stem cell treatment, I read some schizophrenic lost his schizophrenia from stem cell treatment.

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I’ve heard some bad things about it. My pdoc wanted me to try it but I decided not to.

Someone said in another thread that someone’s mom had trouble speaking after getting ECT.

I’ve been getting ECT for my sz for years and it’s the only thing keeping me out of the state hospital. Meds never worked for me. What do you want to know? :sunny:


Have you noticed any decrease in your creativity? Have large parts of your memory been taken away? Have any other of your mental powers been taken away? Does it help with insomnia? How much does it cost? Do you think Obamacare would pay for my treatments? Is it painful? How soon do you start to notice changes in your psyche? Those are all the questions I can think of for now.

@crimby I know a woman who had ECT for horrible depression and she said it was like she awoke from a dark forest of depression after the sessions. I wish you luck.

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I’ve seen it do a lot of good before. I sure could use some relief from all the stress I create for myself.

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Have you tried all the alternative treatments? ECT would obviously be the last option to take for anything.

There are a number of posts on this topic in the forum, all you need is to do a search for “ECT”

I heard that it can be very effective as a last ditch effort to treat depression. It can give months of relief at a time.

I haven’t had personal experience but I do know someone who has, and he had a very bad experience. Basically he just ended up losing a lot of memory and still being depressed.

In my creativity, no. I don’t draw anymore but that’s because I don’t have the patience. I still write, play the guitar, and make up my own songs. No large parts of my memory have not been taken away. I would forget little things and when I stopped for two years those little things were like oh yeah now I remember. But it was stupid little stuff like where I went for my 10th Birthday. The only mental power it has taken away is my ability to communicate with the devil and demons but that’s a good thing. If your insomnia is caused by depression I would imagine it would help with that. Getting on the right meds helps too. One thing ECT does is make your brain more sensitive to the medication.

I have Medicare and Medicaid so I don’t pay a thing. I honestly don’t know about cost. Initially you receive three treatments a week for about a month. They like to keep you inpatient during this time so you have the cost of that.

No it’s not painful. You’re asleep during the treatment. When you wake up you have initial confusion and memory loss surrounding the treatment but this goes away the more you wake up.

With the first time I got it it took about 4 or 5 treatments for things to start to change. This last time the first treatment quieted the voices till about 4 that afternoon. Each treatment after that lasted longer and longer. Right now I’m weaning down on them and receiving them once a week. I’ll keep weaning down on them until I go once a month unless I need it sooner.

It’s the best decision I’ve made for my mental health. You should find a hospital that does it and talk to them about all of your concerns. Best of luck! :sunny:

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