Can anyone relate?

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I’m having a bad day I haven’t been to therapy consistently for a few years now. I keep having these thoughts like “things will never get better”, “things will just snowball and get worse before I get a grip on things”. It’s just so frustrating because I know some of these things aren’t real and it’s just my mind making it up…The unthinkable could happen and things could get better…I just don’t know what to do I’m just scared of losing myself in this fog. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Today, I was all mixed up in thought and feeling. At least that’s how I was at lunch and after. In the morning, I was mostly ok. I took two walks down my street. I talked to some cats, neighbors, and birds. I looked at the azaleas and dogwoods blooming. I cradled a stone in my hand. Now, I feel somewhat better. Being outside in what nature you can will do that for you.

Well if you go into a little more detail we might be able to help a bit.

Otherwise all we can say is take your meds, stay in therapy, find different meds/therapy, or yeah we go through that too.

Is it thought broadcasting?

Is God talking to you?

Negative voices?

Visual hallucinations?

Tactile ■■■■?

If you don’t want to share that’s cool too.

Gotta be positive. Things will always find a way to get better to an extent, as long as you’re not on a self destructive path.

When I start thinking about all the bad that could happen… I end up feeling very anxious. That just makes me feel worse.

As far as getting better… take it in small steps…

I get come catastrophic thinking and I have to fight it. Even if… I don’t think things will get better… I try not to think about them getting worse.

Keep focusing on what you know to be real and being on here has helped me battle the stuff I have a hard time with.

Things getting better is not unthinkable… I’d say… try not to see it as an unthinkable… try to see it as doable in small steps.

What also helped me… my therapist has made me write down what goes right in a day… even if it’s not a huge stride… it’s a step in the right direction. It keeps the catastrophic thinking away.

I hope you feel better soon…

I also talked to my own beloved feline companion. With her soft fur and demeanor; she helped lift me up away from the mixed up thought and feeling. Do you have a canine or feline companion or you able to get one? Some days; they are better than therapist; although, my therapist is 99% good!

Thank you everyone…I will try going for a walk and writing things down

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Also I feel like I need help…like I’ve buried myself so deep that I don’t know how to get out on my own…to answer someone’s question I guess to give more information…I don’t know I’ve been going to see a therapist but I feel this urgency to make things better now before I get worse…I’m also starting to get confused I’m not really getting much of the schizophrenic symptoms but more of the depression and trouble with negative patterned thinking…my thoughts just aren’t clear…I’m don’t really feel good feelings but feel neutral throughout the day…it’s not bad but I just don’t get any good feelings… I don’t know

I’ve gotten that “things will never get better” feeling before. I felt like I was looking at one long, bleak life. You can lessen that feeling by making yourself get out more. Make yourself do things. When you sit around doing nothing your mind is a playground for destructive ideas. You don’t have to turn into a social butterfly. Just try to do a little more.

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That’s a good suggestion I will keep that in mind

Didn’t mean to pry.

You’re a survivor though. Life with this illness is rough. Try to appreciate the cosmos and life within it. Negativity can be over come.

Seek love and the rest will fall into place.

@adela It has been many years since I had those thoughts with my schizophrenia, and in a certain way I probably have the inclination to harbor them. There is lots of hope. One day I was taught that if you are deep inside your own brain, you can use that depth and your presence there as a means of and vehicle for discovering other, perhaps less disturbing aspects of the brain experience. Right along side of what you feel is the motivation for happiness, just waiting for you to do something to activate it. Think of it as a hidden potential of your brain, that these walks and drawing and writing and studying can help you discover. Eventually the depression will hide from you and you will be all happy. Give yourself time, since you have been talking to depression for awhile you will have to say goodbye to it in your own time and on your own terms.