Can antipsychotics make you feel depressed?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any experiences, or advice. I know there are a lot of people in here with experience, and I value all feedback.

The thing is, I have been trying Trilafon. The reason being is that atypicals I tried haven´t really worked. So a higher potency typical was tried. I have tried Trilafon and Haldol.

BUT…Trilafon seems to make me feel depressed. It´s not really a feeling I want to experience, when my goal is to get better and start a career. Haldol on the other hand, does not have this effect on me. It does not make me feel depressed at all.

SO…I was wondering if anyone else has felt depressed off antipsychotics, and if so, was it just one type and not others?

Many thanks.

AP’s lower dopamine, which is the reward and feel good chemical. Maybe talk to your doctor about going on antidepressants if you’re not on them already



But Haldol does´t have this depressing effect though:confused:

I have been on antidepressants before, Wellbutrin being the best one for me.

I just wanted to avoid a new medical cocktail…

The high dose of Risperidone and Invega made me depressed, also did Seroquel. But I don’t feel depressed on Amisulpride. I had been depressed with Zyprexa, but it was only a period of one week. After one week, I felt much better.


Zyprexa gives me anhedonia. Invega is good for me.

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Yes, risperidal tripped me into a major depression and I became suicidal. Oddly, going back to Trilaphon brought me out of it. Since then I’ve been on Zyprexa and Abilify and these haven’t caused depression.

Are you sure this is depression or is it sedation? The typicals often are sedating. I liked being on Trilaphon aside from the Parkisonism-like rigidity and the risk of TD. Everyone’s reaction to meds is different, however.

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Haldol and Trilafon don’t sedate me. In fact they leave me wired and good to go! I am on a low dose though. I just felt weird on Trilafon. Like I do when I got depressed. Just not on Haldol😳

Haldol made me feel depressed (either that or it didn’t work and my sz was the problem). Olanzapine I am now on a low dose which helps with depression, but if I am on a higher dose of it, it makes me depressed. And I need amisulpride with it otherwise it doesn’t keep the depression away.

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