Can antidepressants worsen sz?

Im on a new antidepressant that works on many receptors, feeling much better but im quitw unnerving. Thinking of stopping my AD due to possible relapse. Anyone else cabt take antidepreasanta due to their sz?

Heard on the forum that ADs can induce mania sometimes.


AD’s don’t harm sz’s. They can cause mania in bipolars however. @Newlyborn


Antidepressants can definitely worsen bipolar and sometimes schizophrenia.

I cannot be on any antidepressant because of it triggering mania and psychosis.

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I was on an antidepressant and it did not have an effect on my sz. Unfortunately, it did not help me at all either and it caused me to have issues with liver enzymes in my blood tests. So, I quit taking it.


Antidepressants made my hallucinations worse.

zoloft actually kinda helps my sza by lessening my intrusive thoughts and helping my depression, i havent had auditory hallucinations in a while since being on the right meds for me, but in the years of no longer dealing with voices i had some extreme depression that was really helped by zoloft

ive been on zoloft over a year at 50mg now im on 100mg, no negative effects on my sz

If you go from one that sorta works to one that doesn’t work at all then yeah.

I take Wellbutrin which boosts dopamine, so it can worsen psychosis. However, in my case it didn’t. You have to find the right ad for you.

I take antidepressants because I have major depressive disorder as well as my sz. Works wonders for me.

I found some made me more paranoid and induced my negative symptoms

Since I started my AD in hospital in January, I’ve had no major depression episodes. But I’ve noticed I’ve had a lot more hypomania episodes than usual. I have sza bipolar type. I also take two AP’s and mood stabilizer

They don’t necessarily worsen SZ but they don’t really help

Speaking from experience.


Speaking from experience, some AD’s make my depression way worse (even suicidal), and the one I’m on now completely eliminates my depression (Celexa). But, I have sza, not sz.

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One of my pdocs but me on Olanzapine(antipsychotic) and Venlafaxine(antidepressant) and told me the two would work together to improve my condition (paranoid schizophrenia).

I am no longer on either because of side effects, but when I was on both I was stable.

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