Working Full Time & Anxiety

I managed to work part time for a number of years but could never do full time work due to crippling anxiety/panic attacks.

I have read on the forum here that a few of us are able to work full time even with experiencing panic attacks.

I have also read panic attacks/anxiety are common with schizophrenia.


I can’t handle working. I tried and only lasted 4 days

they say half of people with schizo have an anxiety disorder, too.

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I plan to get into full time work as soon as the Lockdown is over.

I’m a psychosis patient, not sz patient.

I do struggle with anxiety, which is why I chose a job that does not involve people so much.

I do not get panic attacks though thanks God

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i can’t work anymore… and i think that is ok =)
I worked for quite a few years till i couldn’t anymore, sometimes i miss it a bit but then when i think about how my life was it’s best i don’t do it anymore. But i know some people here can do a job so it’s possible.

I don’t really deal with terrible anxiety, just mild, but I still can’t work full time.

I tried to take care of my grandmother in law after she had surgery, and that was really really tough. I started having a lot more symptoms after a week and a half of doing that every day. And since it was my grandma I spent most of the day just sitting on her couch playing on my phone or trying to read. So not really that stressful. But it was still too much.

The truth is I am incapable of work - even part time. I worked an 8hr week job but lost it after one week.

With the UK Government going heavily into debt I believe it is only a matter of time before benefit payments are cut/stopped.

That’s why i feel the pressure to look for and apply for jobs.

I never had anxiety. What made me quit many jobs is negative symptoms. I just lose motivation after 1-2 weeks and cant get up early for work anymore after 1-2 weeks. I just wanted to be in my bed all day as I had 0 energy.


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