Can a person be misdiagnosed by a pdoc as having a schizophrenic disorder but instead may have an autistic disorder spectrum?


What are some of your thoughts?


You can have both

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At my ADOS assessment the assessor said having a mental illness diagnosis can muddy the waters re whether one is on the spectrum or not.

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I used to work at a school for kids with dual diagnoses. So autism with schizophrenia, autism with bipolar, etc. it’s rare, but they can coexist

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That sounds like an interesting job. I would love to work with children with mental illness, although I’m sure it’s very difficult. Since I developed schizophrenia at 11 years old, not even in my teenage years yet, I’ve pretty much always been fairly interested in the mind and problems with it. I would like to be a psychologist one day if I could manage it. Or maybe research medications that have very little, not serious side effects for the mentally ill.


I have both but I had to be assessed by an autism specialist. Yes they can be confused for each other but theres ways to differentiate the two.
Autism was initially thought of as childhood schizophrenia, before they realized autism extends throughout life. Theres a lot of overlap. But generally autisms frankness and trouble with social reciprocity has different thought process than paranoia and social isolation in schizophrenia.
For me I had to look st my childhood and tease out what was autism and what was mental health.
I couldnt make friends but I tried so hard. I didnt like eye contact or touching. I had sensory issues.
Now schizophrenia has kind of taken over and I dont want friends or to talk to anyone. I no longer care about fitting in and my hallucinations arent sensory overload issues. I get both.
It takes a lot of research and soul searching to figure these things out