Cameras watching

I dont know.
I know i feel them

I’m watching you @Om_Sadasiva


No one is watching you. Relax.

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No ones watching you. I have camera’s in my house because my grandmother has alzhiemers. They’re not that easy to hide. Plus they need to be connected to wifi and a power outlet.

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I think they’re invisible, too tiny,
that’s why i cant find them

No such thing as an invisible cameras.

If it makes you feel any better though…I use to believe that they had a microchip implanted in my head and could see through my eyes.

It’s all just a delusion.

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I know how you feel I’ve been there. Give it time and stay on your meds. Do not quit taking your medication. Every time you do it gets harder to recover. In time you’ll understand it’s just paranoia. Get well and good luck with your recovery.


Ok so this is a delusion that’s going to take a little constructive working out for you to solve. Yes there are in fact cameras, mainly for security, and to ensure that insurance covers damage to properties, by requiring minimum security arrangements. They however aren’t looked at often unless a problem is reported or they’re investigating lost property or money, or intrusions. There isn’t a conspiracy for what they’re doing. Its all perfectly logical. Sometimes people get weird and set up wild life cameras to check their properties but for the most part if you’re out in nature no one is watching. Its just you and the great out doors. If you’re on a walk away from shopping centers, you might only be watched by someone who’s had trouble with a neighbor or package thieves and now has a ring camera. This isn’t to spy on you.

There’s some logic to it, but that’s why you believe it and are a little paranoid. The truth of the matter is no one really cares what you’re doing as long as you aren’t bothering them. They might spot you on a camera, but there’s not a thing they can do about it if you’re within your rights.

Just try to relax. Practice not caring that, and enjoy yourself. Theres no getting around some of it, so just thick skin, and a stiff upper lip, and you’re going to be fine.


Thank you, people.
I get anxious and i panic

I must call my psychiatrist

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What should I tell him?
I can’t find the words

Say; I’m paranoid about cameras watching me.

There is already a post open about this.