Cameras on the walls, mirrors, eyes, corners

Cameras everywhere. 666/999

I can’t see them. But I give them the middle finger, so I ruin the footage they have of me

Are you taking your medicine and at the right dosage?


Yes, Chlorpromazine, clozapine, haloperidol. But they stopped working? Maybe? I am half crazy now

Why did the doctor prescribe 3 medicine for you they should just stick to one, continue taking them and go see a doctor


Yea I had the camera thing too. If I really focused I could shift my vision from my own eye’s view to the cameras and watch myself in an out of body perspective. I usually always gave them the middle finger too! I stopped doing this because I felt like I was being punished for bad behavior… I’m sure there are cameras everywhere still, but I can’t see them… They are invisible. Are you actually seeing them?

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I hate the connections between surveillance and the William Gibson Neuromancer novel.

I do the same thing with mine.

Do you also live under surveillance?

Absolutely yes, 24/7. I have a ceiling and wall tapper, its a person or sick people that hate me for some reason and want to ruin my life by victimising me, that for some reason is harassing me, probably filming me also. Like perfectly timed and calculated betrayal. Very nasty, I’m currently trying to get away from them and never return to my abusers, stalkers, followers, hate army of idiot zombies with no common sense

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They film me too. I have a reality show upon my life

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Big delusions…big problem! Noone could live thinking like that :pensive::dizzy_face:

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There’s no reality show, that’s just a Truman Show delusion bro.

I have signs infallible 666/999

I used to be scared of camera’s, threw everything away, now i could care less on meds

You don’t care even though they’re there?

I installed security camera’s in my house and now camera’s don’t scare me

I have an alarm and motion detectors in my home but without cameras. The cameras that I fear are invisible, extremely tiny and everywhere

If everything is a camera, zillions of atoms being tiny cameras, what would one see of them? Simultaneously?

I’ve always thought there were cameras in the corner ceiling at my mom’s place. I still do think I’m being watched.