Came up positive

My period was late. I always have a couple of pregnancy tests lying around just in case something like this happens. It came up positive. I haven’t told my husband cause I have to leave for work in a couple minutes.

I’ll be honest I’m kinda shocked. I wanna leave work early so I can talk to my husband though I feel that would be frowned upon.

We weren’t completely trying to stop it from happening but we weren’t trying either


How do I tell my husband? How do you start that conversation?

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It was a surprise to you. It will be a surprise to him.

Why do you have worry about his reaction. He was involved in it too.


It’s not that hard. Just tell him you need to talk, then say you’re pregnant when you sit down.


Okay. I know I worry and overthink

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Just say “I’m pregnant”.

That’s what I did.

If you weren’t taking precautions it shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

And I wouldn’t leave work early.

You seem to do that a lot and it’s a bad time to lose your job.

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I know I’m not going to I just wish I could

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Some people do cute things to break the news. Like, have the partner unwrap a present and inside is a baby outfit or something.

It is also a good idea to call your obgyn and set up an appointment to check on how the baby is growing thus far. Idk the specifics, because I’ve never done it, but there are certain times throughout development where you’re supposed to get checkups.


Yep, I plan on calling during my lunch break and getting an appointment set up. Im gonna have tons of questions so I’m gonna write them down and take them with. I’ve never been pregnant before.

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