Worried im pregnant

I came home from work today and kinda pieced together that not only have i havent had a period siince the beginning of april, but ive been having crazy mood swings, fatigue, and nausea. So i started worrying i was pregnant. Friend of mine brought over a home test around 945pm but i had to pee at around 905pm. I took the test anyway which i regret because it said not pregnant and im.not sure if i believe it since i peed 40 mins before taking it. :sweat_smile: if anyone has experiencewith this please help. I habe another test i will take in the morning.


I’ve had three surprise pregnancies.

Take the other test as soon as you can.

Don’t get the cheap tests, this ■■■■ matters and you don’t want to get a false read.

Were your periods consistant before April?

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Yes they were and have been most of my life. Im 29


Just take the other test.

If you find that you are pregnant, PM me if you want to.

I know we can’t really talk about pregnancy options here,

But I’ve had abortions and an adoption.

I’d be willing to discuss any and all of that with you if you’re interested.


Thank you i appreciate it


My wife tested negative for pregnancy twice with the home test-a-ma-doodles and went to the doctor to see why she was so nauseous first thing in the morning.

It was because she was pregnant.


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Oh great. Lol. Who knows then

Sorry! Fingers crossed for you.


The test this morning was negative so im at a loss

When I was pregnant with my son I had several negative/inconclusive tests.

But it had just been so long since I’d had a period.

I’d go to the doctor if I were you.

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I definitely am because i hav3 a gut feeling i am

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You just want to be absolutely sure.

Especially with having no periods and a gut feeling.

Can you go to the doctor today.

Say it’s some sort of emergency if you have to.

I straight went to the ER to get a blood test and sonogram.

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I am pretty busy today but maybe

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I just read your cholesterol levels can sky rocket during pregnancy. Mine went from 180 to 243

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You have a lot of really suspect things going on.

I’d make time today to see a doctor.

You can go to urgent care and get tested there if you can’t get in to see your regular doctor.

Not trying to stress you out, but knowing as soon as you can is important.

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I think i want a blood test because i read some antipsychotics might cause false negatives

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You’ve also been contributing a lot of symptoms to cannabis withdrawal.

Is any of that pregnancy related?

Were you sick at any point?

And false negatives are a ■■■■■.

You’re right about getting a blood test.

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I contributed my mood swings to going down on my.invega but the timeline doesnt really line up right there. Im bad at time.perception. and maybe some is related? Im really unsure. Im going to talk to my partner and ask him to take me to the er tonight like you did.

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Good plan.

I told them I had severe abdominal pain.

I was afraid they’d turn me away for just a pregnancy test/sonogram.

I dont think they can.

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