Call me Victor, for I have created a monster (Polls)


Polls are fun, but please show some restraint. There can be too much of a good thing.


Oh young Frankenstein- It’s a nice feature.

I hope you don’t mind, I’m old fashioned. I like conversation more then “click this box”


I think it’s an interesting novelty that should be used sparingly. Do you like hummingbirds? Yes/no? Do you lead with your left foot? Yes/no? How many atoms are in the ocean? etc. Ugh. Please stop people.


I’m more old Frankenstein than young.


Apologies to all. Guess i was like a kid with a new toy. It helps if people post something as well as clicking an option.


Please don’t apologize. I would love to figure out how to do it too. I still like conversation though.


I wasn’t directing that at just you @firemonkey, it was a general plea to everyone. Things could easily get out of hand.


Poll: who likes the new poll feature? :stuck_out_tongue:
In all honesty I would like to see more polls.


Perhaps a limit could be placed on how many polls can be made per day?


Poll: who thinks we should place a limit on the polls? :stuck_out_tongue:


I doubt this is possible, but I would like to see it where polls must be moderator-approved first.


I think that’s a bit draconian. Polls can be fun or serious and add an extra dimension to the forum. I agree with the plea for not overdoing it though.


Isn’t that thoughtful considering you’re responsible for about half of them?


Why be so nasty? I wasn’t hurting anyone.


There’s nothing nasty in what I said. Chill out.


FrankenSTEEN. …



As long as they aren’t interfering with how the software works, which they don’t appear to be, then I don’t see a problem. It’s a feature of the site :smile:


On a side note I think after creating the poll the thread is supposed to be locked. Entering your choice in the poll is the purpose. That choice doesn’t need to be explained.


I will put my 2 cents in - I personally think that polls should be Moderator approved also - I do agree with @alien99