Do you find me annoying?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not Sure

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The poll is Anonymous so no one will know how you voted.

No, I like when people post and I dont like when the forum is empty as I am here all day everyday. I like your posts.


I voted no as well. Someone has to keep the forum topics churning out.


Thanks for the positive feedback. I just wanted to know if I annoyed anyone.


No, you seem really nice and down to earth.


Thanks Bowens. 15


Well it’s nice to know I didn’t annoy ten people who voted so far, though a few of them don’t know.

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lol. Only one “don’t know”

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Thanks I hadn’t really checked the math to figure out the numbers. But if I did aggravate someone, now’s their chance.

I’ve been away from this site for a while, but if you are annoying someone it is a simple maneuver for them to simply skip over your posts. I wouldn’t worry about it.


Thanks crimby. 1515

It looks like I got one yes.

I was suspended once for two weeks if I remember correctly. That was a year or two ago if memory serves me. I don’t think I’ve been suspended more than once though. I’ve been with the forum five years since September 28th.

i voted no. i haven’t seen you on here long enough or interacted with you long enough. I find myself pretty annoying and see that others feel the same. people like soft topics and plush things and silly things like memes. Not dark stuff like what I talk about and deal with in my head. they like positive things and not negative things. im pretty sick but i try to get better and heal as best as i can.


You’re okay johnnyboy1. But by posting you voted no I know it wasn’t you.

No I find you very pleasant to talk to

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Thanks johpollck.

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I’m just guessing, but I think I know who I annoyed. There’s actually several.

You make fantastic contributions. No need to worry about who you might annoy, you’re good mate.

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Thanks Crush. I appreciate it.