Caffeine: friend or foe?

I can not handle coffee, but I actually feel I derive great benefit from drinking coke zero or drinking tea. What are you people’s experiences with caffeine?

It’s a good question, I think caffeine is often underrated as a drug. They say it stays active in the system for only about six hours, but my experience is that I feel different after a few days of not drinking coffee.

I’ve gone through periods where I really couldn’t take any caffeine, mostly post psychosis I got really sensitive for a number of months and could hardly take even exciting television or adverts, let alone a big mug of coffee. It was a case of avoiding all stimulants and feeling a bit better.

But I don’t really go in for energy drinks such as Red Bull, and generally avoid soft drinks, very rarely a Cola when I am drinking out somewhere.

I’d drank ten cups of coffee a day for over forty years. I finally decided it would be simpler and easier to just take caffeine tablets. I take two 200 mg pills a day, which is the maximum dose a person can safely take. Sometimes I think about quitting caffeine altogether, but that would be hard. Caffeine is so much a part of my daily life.

Caffeine works as a good stimulant for me. I feel it’s better in my life than out

Caffeine and nicotine are my drugs of choice. Don’t take any other (including alcohol)

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Don’t always crave coffee
But love tea
Have to have tea every morning

Coffee in moderation - friend
Coffee in abundance, more than 2 cups - foe

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Same, soft stims are the way to go

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