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I know lots of people like coffee here:

“Although it is one of the best-studied compounds in the world, we still have much more to learn about caffeine, including the reasons it affects people so differently – making some people anxious and jittery, and others so happy and energetic that they feel as though they can’t function without it.” Reveal’s Ariane Wu and Murray Carpenter take an interesting (and surprising) look at the world of caffeine – including the 17 million pounds of it we import each year (I assume you know I couldn’t possibly open all these browser tabs without being juiced…). The buzz(kill) about caffeine.

I’m not even going to read it .

The watch it:

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interesting stuff

Nope, too traumatizing.


Caffeine, maybe the only legal socially acceptable(on all fronts) vice left.


due to controversial thread…
this topic is now locked :lock:…lol :smiley:

move away people…
nothing to see here… :bird:
take care :alien:


Don’t look at me.

I’m mainlining espresso in the corner at 8am.

Then drinking one of those sports energy drinks at like 3pm before lifting.

I aint changing ■■■■.

98/100 on the AAS on the MMPI-2.


And I didnt read or watch the video.

take away my caffeine and I take away your eyeballs. Wait, that was not cool. Take way my caffeine and I will take away your caffeine, aspirin, alcohol, cough syrup, tobacco, steroids, test boosters, protein shakes, creatine, ADHD meds, antidepressants, everything you need to survive. I will also take away your magazines, apps on your phone, ■■■■ it I will take your life.

Im just playing you know I have a sense of humor which is frowned upon.

and preworkout, I will take that too.

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Yeah 2 energy drinks and coffee today . Doing A to the OK :slight_smile:

I just cut out the caffeine yesterday. To easy for me to waste money on and it just adds to the roller coaster.

I’m learning how to be content with doing less and staying in. Day 4 and it seems like it’s been the best for me psychologically and financially.

I need time alone uninterrupted to find new frames of mind and generate new thinking. Being out in the world just drives me back into psychotic confusion and frustration which has some bad ends.

Found some zen earlier. Unfortunately it passed, but I hadn’t felt that comfortable since pre onset.

Even now faint voices are yelling and trailing my mind and reminding me of psychotic scenario.

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Why doesn’t someeone add cliffs to the article and video?

Caffeine Pills… too many memories… I did myself no favors when I gave up coffee for a box of NODoz.

please don’t take away my coffee…I love everything about it. Even making the coffee is a ritual for me…ahhhh coffee…haha

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I’m a sleeping beast without my coffee.


I did the same thing. They have “Jet Alert” brand caffeine pills in Wall Mart that have ninety 200 mg pills for $3.43. I take two of these pills a day. It’s cheaper and easier than coffee. I heard somewhere that you should limit yourself to 400 mg of caffeine a day.