Bye I am leaving this forum


Count days how long I will not post! Couse it’s harmful


Goodbye, @5p00ky_1n_w0nd3RL4nD!


Goodbye spook!
But you’ll be back…


I think its a fact that when someone makes an “I"m leaving the forum” thread they don’t actually plan to leave and always end up coming back.

People that actually leave just log out and never return.


It’s harmful to my brains and social life please encourage me to leave! Ignore me don’t talk to me


I’ve decided to stick around for winter, I have nothing to do.

I don’t feel like im very supportive and I don’t need support myself, it’s just the boredom that is killing me. it’s nice to be in a community though so I will just try to post less.


Ok spook I won’t talk to you.


Just stop posting and log out!


Lol why do you need to leave? Also what country are you from? I can tell English isn’t your first language.


No way. You’ll be back.


But you said you are bored. That means you will be more bored.


I dont think your leaving I think you need a lot of attention. We love you spooky


I am travelling to google


Bye. Good luck to you. :dromedary_camel::dromedary_camel::dromedary_camel:


You’re not supposed to reopen topics over and over and over,

Just keep the one “I’m leaving the forum thread” open.


I am leaving the forum bye


I hope you’re serious.


Wow rude… I expect better behavior from a “grown woman.”


Why did you put grown woman in parenthesis?

I’m 34, its a fact that I’m a grown woman.


If you claim it then act like it.