Bye I am leaving this forum


We’ve been dealing with spooky saying he’s going to leave then coming back just to say he’s leaving again for a couple days.

I was just being honest.

Sorry if that offended you.


Lol np you’re not. You just want attention. :joy::dizzy_face:


I will make better forum


I’ve heard this before,

Like yesterday.


Do you want to leave with me?



I enjoy the forum.

I want you to make up your mind and stop making “I"m leaving the forum” threads when you have no intention of leaving.

If you want to leave, just log out and go…


It’s my decision how I want to leave


You could be less obnoxious about it.


Stop command me


Why do you care


I don’t care if you want to leave,

I’m just annoyed by your threads about leaving.


So make your own threads and stop looking at mine


That’s not how the forum works,

I have to see your threads if I want to see any,

You know that.


My threads are harmless


The point is,

Stop making “I’m leaving the forum” threads if you’re just going to keep posting.


Nope my threads are super fun! You just don’t get it


Whatever, man.

You’re out of touch.


Lmao you’re not leaving. Why the f you lying? :joy::wink:


I’m with @goldenrex on this one.
Don’t make threads about leaving if you’re not going to leave.
You already make too many. You’re clearly starved for attention. How about posting in other people’s threads and starting conversations with them if you want attention so bad?


If I try to leave I will leave one day! Everyday is better and better when I leave