By observing animals we can see the primitive version of ourself?

True or false???

False. What? You’re not a cat @Goyankees

Edit: I don’t know. Are you?

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But the way they think. Is like a more primitive version of how we think. We all come from a common ancestor on a common planet.

Similar reproductive systems, four limbs & red blood are common in mammals including humans.


It’s interesting. You’re into taoism right. Isn’t an animals concept of self and being in the flow of the present moment closer to the teachings if the Tao than a typical human’s behavior? Does that make them more or less evolved than us?

In intellect they are less evolved than us. But they are more enlightened than us and more with the tao and flow so I think in the Tao we have gone past the pinnacle of evolution as humans and evolved into burdensome unenlightened egomaniacs!!! Lol true good post thanks very smart. :+1:

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How about this. Jesus was an alien. The matrix is real.


If you study a troop of monkeys or chimps, our close relatives you will see a base human nature. The fact that chimps hunt and live in a hierarchy and rule by force teaches us a lot about human nature. Further still, other indicators are there where for example some monkeys that live and frequent a bar in an African country were seen stealing drinks. They studied this and found some monkeys abstained and others drank. It turned out that there were the same proportion of alcoholics found in the human population as there were in the troop of monkeys.

When you look at the maternal instinct of other animals we see the same characteristics found in humans of nurture and care. How can humans not share at least some of the characteristics of animals when it is abundantly clear?


Wait. I got another one. Could God make a sandwich so big even He couldn’t eat it?

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Here’s another koan. Will @Ninjastar answer the question because she’s read runaways, or delete it because it counts as religious discussion?


false @Goyankees
the cognition of animals is way below humans.

theyre smarter than you think. some more than others.

@goyankees but the bottom line is that humans have made huge progress since the cave days,
I haven’t seen such progress among animals unfortunately.

yeah that’s why theyre the primitive version of us

we humans have not allowed animals to thrive in the world. we would kill out animals that were a threat to us.

I’d say yes but to what degree for each individual animal/species is not something I know completely. Clearly my dog wants attention just like a person, but how they go about it or how well they are at attaining it is primitive compared to some humans.

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