Monkeys brains

honestly tho, humans look very strange compared to there predecessors

i think monkeys look more intelligent, like have you ever seen planet of the apes?
its alot more believable that they are the intelligent ones than humans

humans just look weird compared to apes, like a monkey doesnt need make up or cosmetic surgery
and stuff it just looks like it is thinking about something important constantly, maybe thats how we got more brains or maybe it was a chance occurance by the mating of two species of monkey that made supermonkey which is us i guess we are like the albino of the pack because we are white and have less hair.

anyway, somewhere in amongst all that incestual monkey business we got sz lol, like dammnnnn, i didnt ask for that, what lame monkey started all of this crap? i mean did one monkey in our family line just go mad one day because he never had enough bananas, well if that is true i’d like to talk to that monkey and try and help him some how then maybe the outcome would not be so bad for the rest of us.

and whos to say we are not all related anyway? we could all come from the same sz monkey gene pool, that sz monkey could be our great great great…x10000 grandfather, and its a wonder we are here as well we all know how hard it is for a sz to find a date so how could this be passed on if most of us never have kids? very strange. but i guess i am grateful i am here anyway

now all we have to do if resist the urge for bananas and maybe we will be alright :banana: :monkey: :monkey_face: :scream_cat:

I got a lot of :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: slices in my freezer. Even gave away plenty of :banana: :bread:

:fire: :
:monkey: :

Planet Of The Apes


True, there is no chance in hell that we ourselves passed these things down.

It was them, the normals, the oh so great and wonderful normals, the genes come from them, and then they blame us for it or treat us as if we were the problem.

Did you hear about the insane people in china shooting a monkey into space recently? It was in a large amount of pain from it and they held it up above their heads in false triumph and accomplishment!

You go shoot monkies into space, im just doin my time and leaving.

I have a cousin who volunteers at the zoo and the orangutan have 7 step processing when humans only have 3 step processing. Meaning you can show an orangutan a 7 step process only once and they get it.

We humans have to have things broken down further. I find this sort of stuff really amazing and would love to ponder it with you for the next thee years. Animal intelligence and humor is a favorite topic of mine.

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