Busted! Crappy Day

Well, no good deed goes unpunished…I was at the convenience store on my way to my clubhouse and saw a guy trying to push a broken down truck to the side of the road. So I turned my car off and went over to help him, then got back in my car and pulled up to the stop light…and…I hear a “pop” sound.

My rear passenger window was shattered. I have no idea how it happened, just glad that the window tint was somehow keeping it in the frame. I called my insurance company to get a referral to a glass company but have to pay $205 out of pocket since my deductible is $500.

The glass company ordered the glass but it won’t be ready until Nov.21. They went ahead and put a plastic sheath over it to keep it from coming off the frame.

What a sucky day…


Oh no!

Do you know what broke the window? The cold, maybe?


Same thing happened to me back in the spring, but it was my back window. I think mine was $300. I still dont have any idea what caused it.

I still find glass shards in my trunk from that.

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