Buddha the prince

The owner of a country told people to not think.

The owner of a country told people to not desire.

He had everything, everything, and told people to not want anything.

Because hey if their lives are bad they shouldn’t think about it, like giving them an antidepressant, and if they’ll never have anything then tell them they shouldn’t desire anything.

Great philosophy this one.

Im noticing all of the religions are just a bunch of a-holes, rich evil a-holes that wants everything to themselves. Willing to do “miracles” even to get it.

Here’s Meghan Trainor singing a disposable pop song in a corset. It has nearly 60 million views. I’d like your opinion on it.

poor meghan. The girl nobody really wants to be with imagining that she is telling them no.

Bad song.

Bad heart in this one, not to worry though, the heart is a device and it can be reworked in ways.

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Just because he was a prince didn’t make him the “owner of a country” and I believe he walked away from all the trappings of princely life before even starting on his path of spiritual enlightenment. I mean who knows what the real story is, I’ve read that there was a man who knew him as a prince who used to come to his teaching sessions and berate him and this was the only time he was known to have spoke out in anger at someone during his spiritual practice.

Buddhism is not a religion, it’s a philosophy

He was a man who never did without and he told people to not want anything or think at all for that matter.

Don’t think and don’t desire anything, really?

Catholicism, islam, christianity, and yes buddhism are all just full of ■■■■. I can’t wait to look into the other ones.

at least we agree on something

Common ground there somewhere? Wow.


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can u tell me where buddha was born…???

He was born in a timeless realm where everyone believed in time.

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Didn’t he give it all up because it was unsatisfying… Then after 40 days under a tree he found nirvana or something and became happier/more content than he ever was. Never returned to his riches.

yeah u r right…
but physically he touch the soil of Nepal…where i was born…
i feel proud that lord Gautama Buddha was ancestor of me and all of us…
out of topic may be…thanks pans…
take care…:hourglass:

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In West Philadelphia born and raised,
On the playground is where I spent most of my day,
Chillin out, maxin’ , relaxin’ all cool,
Shootin some b-ball outside the school.

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In the image of the posted video, there seems to be an arm growing out of the blond woman’s hip and trying to attack the redheaded woman.

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We’re trying to give religion a rest for a bit.

(Wearing moderator hat)

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