Bs'ing affects me more now that i think about it

normal people just make conversation i guess. but i have few conversations in real life, and tend to think about them more i suppose. like my brother was in town a couple weeks ago, and he was at the party talking to just about everyone, and we spoke briefly, but to him it’s like nothing was said. i can fake being a normie for about an hour, then i walk off outside by myself for a smoke or sit and relax, and that pretty much gives me away as anti social pretty quickly.

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On a good day I can go about two hours. At work I only have to talk in snippets all day.

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Making conversation was much easier when I was a kid, because it’s socially acceptable for kids to walk up to people and ask them what their favourite dinosaur is


I had a chance years ago. It was talk or stay quiet and I chose to talk. Never looked back. Sure I’ve socially failed a million times but I still love to talk. I went to Uni for communictaions and english and I failed everything but I still love to talk…

It’s a skill. It really is and practice makes perfect. It certainly helps if your engaged and listening. Most conversation is listening to what others are saying. Most people love to talk about themselves and asking questions over those lines often makes converstation flow…

Paranoia really affects that. Positives suck for communiction but it’s still a simple process. Keep conversating and try to do it more…Life is better when your not doing it alone!


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