Brush With Greatness!

Have any of you met a well-known figure or celebrity? If so, who was it and how did it go?

Just curious…

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I met former Montreal Canadiens legend, Frank Mahovolich in an elevator in Ottawa one year. He was a real gentleman. He’s actually a Senator now. I was thrilled to meet him!!

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I met David Lynch outside a conference he gave on his movies and transcendental meditation. :blush:

I went to say hello and thank him and we chatted for a bit, I was too embarassed.


I met Richard Marxx, the pop singer back in the 80’s when he was popular.

I met Harry Carey, the famous Cubs broadcaster, and he signed my cap and gave me a hug.

I met Barack Obama. He came into my town and had an ice cream cone. I also met Michelle Obama and got a picture taken with her.


Cool, Daze!

This was one of my fave Richard Marxx songs from decades ago…

What a fabulous romp down memory lane! That video is so dramatic, and ironically, when I met him, there was so much talk about his great hair. I just sort of stood there and said, “Um, I’m from Iowa.” Here’s the great thing: I met him in a water park in Orlando, Florida. I was in a black inner tube when he was at the piano singing, “Hold onto the Night.” What a life I’ve had!

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My grannie took me to see an Irish Rovers concert when I was about six or seven. Lead singer – Willie – told her what a beautiful granddaughter she had. I’ve hated them ever since.



My hope is one day that someone will say, “Hey! I met Patrick today!” He wrote that killer song…etc.



No I usually ignore celebrities…

Seriously, maybe its about an insecurity in myself but I’ve being around semi famous people and see people fawning over them. It irritates me.

Im sure these people ‘made it’ because of talent , and that sets them apart. So lots of these people are decent individuals

I use to shoot 3 pointers with Trejon Langdon at the Fairview rec center in anchorage alaska.

He’s a very nice guy as long as you aren’t playing ‘horse’ With him because he likes to talk, I use to shoot ball with him at Goose Lake also.

Its kinda a neighborhood thing you know

I met Carlos Boozer at the Great Alaskan Classic before they stopped that and I think that he was like a freshman in highschool when I met him.

Cool kid and look at him now!!

Both of them give thousands every year to Alaska charity

I think that one of Carlos’ things is to take a homeless kid off the streets of anchorage and support him or her all the way through college.

ive also met Tommy Guerrero when I was a kid in redwood city ca.

He is so cool.

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Dude you’ll do it man you need to believe though.

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I’m in the lifestyles of the not so rich and famous.

I’ve met chuck lidell, frank Mir , urijah Faber.

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Ahh me too …but hey! Just because we are meant to sit on the sidelines that doesn’t mean that we aren’t part of the game

Some dont know it but we are all playing a intrgral part in life

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I met this woman named Kate Millet, who was a well known author in her time. She was one of the early feminists - one of the first wave. I think it was her who wrote “Sexual Politics”. I was working in a book store and she looked kind of familiar. I approached her and asked if I could help her find anything. She said, “Oh, I learned to read years ago”, which sounded kind of strange to me. I beat a hasty retreat to the other side of the store. She followed me, and we got into a very nice conversation about literature. I enjoyed it. Then, about three weeks later, I saw her on William Buckley’s TV program “Firing Line”. That was where I learned that this woman was Kate Millet, the author. Apparently, she had just written a book named “Stopping Psychiatry”. She was saying, “Now look, I was taken from my home and presented to this person who didn’t know me from Adam, and that person is going to make a decision in five minutes about whether or not I need to be detained for my own good.” I thought she had a valid point.


But crimby, subconsciously we evaluate everyone within 5 minutes. It’s true. It’s proven. You read dynamics of vocal speech, their body language, they way they appear physically, the eyes, it’s all in the eyes. If they are drunk, stoned, high. If they are short or tall. If they are thin or big. Every thought of theirs goes into an instant judgment that sizes up the situation. Do you really think people will hear you say, “Give it up I have a Ph.D. in economics, leave me alone.”

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For the most part I am just quoting her. I do see her point of view though. Maybe first impressions rule at parties, but when someone is supposed to make a decision as to whether a person is supposed to be detained on a psychiatric commitment he or she needs to go into greater depth.

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Actually I can spot a learned person drunk or high.

Can you spot mentally ill though?

You see… that ignorance hides ,and real intellectual depth CAN’T hide,you’ll see it eventually.