Broken hearted

I once met the girl of my dreams. But at that time I was having extremally megalomaniac thought and really thought I was the brighest person on Earth. I dated her for three months and treated her like ■■■■. She loved me, but I ■■■■■■ it all big time. Almost 3 years now. She has another boyfriend and she’s happy. About me… well only struggling with lonelyness and thinking about her every day, feeling my heart break every time. =(

If You Truly Care For Her You Will Never “Move On” … ,

She Will Be Within Your Oxygen Inhale and Your Hope / Dreams Exhale … ,

Onli If You Really Care ,

Love Within Reality Can Be Your Tombstone ,

Where All You Can Say Is ------> IT DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE (!!!)

Jus Don’t Get Too Serious and Perhaps She Was Jus A Stepping Stone For You To Fynde THA ONE (!!!)

Yes! Someone else in the ‘girl that got away’ club. I’m not alone.

She ain’t never coming back.

I have 2 “ones that got away,” but I was too young at the time anyway.

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I’m a nice and decent person. I wish she at least knew that.

Mostly people sabotage their relationships because they are just not ready for one.

Three to four years isn’t long in the grand scheme of things. So just give it sometime and focus on yourself.

I love that answer! I tried to date for the first time 6 years ago after being alone for 10 years following my divorce. I wasn’t ready and I flipped out and could not communicate honestly with him so we broke up. He is a great guy and he missed me so after about 3 or 4 months he contacted me and said he missed me and wanted to be friends. We became best friends and he was always there for me to vent and to ramble to him. He was such a gentleman…always paid for me and opened doors for me and did really sweet thghtful things and gave me cute little presents and let me know when he was thinking of me. But, he did not want to try to date again and he just recently moved to another state and I never see or hear from him anymore. I miss him, but, it has not even been a year and I now I need to let go and heal, but, like Dreamscape says, it will take time. I try not to dwell on it…it was a big step for me and a wonderful growing experience which helped me to heal from my last relationship which was a disaster. It was meant to be there just as it is meant for me to move on now. It still hurts, but, it is for the best and I am happy for what I had and need to work on myself now. That really is great advice.



Sorry to hear that man. Happens to everyone. Live and learn.

Well I just have to accept that my life isn’t like everybody else’s lives.

I have to RE-accept that at least daily.

everybody is broken in some ways, some more than others, could be love, life or relationships, could be anything really but that doesnt stop us from trying to get back on track and finding ways to mend the broken bits and put the pieces back, the cracks still show but hopefully the glue will hold and voila you have you brokeness holding together like a vase and then you can start to pt flowers in them and help them grow and arrange them and things, thats the theory anyway :wink:

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Like Judy Collins sings in “Taxi”.
“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you got 'til it’s gone”.

I think it was “Big Yellow Taxi” and that Joni Mitchell wrote and recorded it. I’m geezed enough to actually remember these when they came out. (Same genre, though, for sure.)

Yeah, I always get those two mixed up. Smashmouth did a credible cover of “Big Yellow Taxi” a few years ago.

There are girls I have passed up that I wished I hadn’t. They say that women pass up a lot of guys who are “diamonds in the rough”, but the same is true of men. There are a lot of women who are diamonds in the rough. They just need a little TLC to start to shine.

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