British humor

I really liked “death at a funeral” and “It crowd”

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Red dwarf is brilliant!

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Canadian and British humour both have that self-deprivation aspect.

American humour is more snarky…‘at ya’…‘in your face’…etc. The Yanks have trouble making fun of themselves.


British humor is awesome!

So many funny shows and great expressions.

Little Britain, Keeping Up Appearances, and Benidorm are just a few shows that come to mind.

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In my country, when you say “it´s british humour” it´s likely that the joke is bad, or hard to understand.

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Did you see “The Death of Stalin” ?

Trailer Park Boys was awesome.


imo, English humor is legendary.

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Norton graham and Notting Hill :heart_eyes:

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I think American humour is very obvious, slapstick, in your face, over the top. Where as British humour is very dry, subtle, and sometimes more intellectual.
I also think British humour asks the audience to laugh at the comedian rather than with them more often than American humour.

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